Cook County Bans Long Guns for 18-20 Year Olds

And if that wasn’t enough, a whole heaping helping of taxpayer dollars to fund a Joyce initiative aimed at training new anti-gun activists. Sounds like we need a ban on taxpayer dollars being used to lobby government. Might be tough in Illinois, but maybe not in other states. Kansas is leading the way.

19 thoughts on “Cook County Bans Long Guns for 18-20 Year Olds”

  1. Does that mean they’re going to take the long guns away from 18 – 20 year old soldiers at the National Guard Armories in Cook County?

      1. Only when they are on duty in a federal status. Paid weekend drills and Annual Training are also duty on federal status — which is why the checks come from the US Treasury Department and the UCMJ applies. UNPAID duty for training status (“drilling for points”) is often not under federal status, but falls under the state militia status.

        1. It would actually depend if they were reservists or NG. NG is not subject to federal UCMJ on weekend drills.

          1. I dunno. While we all know the Constitution grants the federal government a military power that should keep it beyond the scope of such laws… Can you really blame me for expecting Chicago-based attorneys from overreaching?

            1. Of course, if Chicago did try to enforce a prohibition on 17-20 year old Guardsmen (yes, there are 17 year olds in the NG who now handle weapons) on weekend drills, it would be entertaining.

              Being as it would make those National guard units unsat and likely terminate the federal funds supporting them (about 95% of ANG/ARNG funding, {which does not count federal deployments other than for training, which are 100% federally funded}.

              But I’ll bet Illinois has a statewide premptive exemption for guns possessed by government personnel (which Guardsmen are) in the line of duty. (Or as GunGrabbers would call it, a “loophole allowing children to have unregulated access to machineguns, cannons, and missiles”.)

          2. You’re right — I was mistaken in that I thought that weekend drills were specifically handled under Title 10 (which would make them “federal” duty subject to UCMJ). IANAL, certainly not a JAG lawyer with a NG specialty. LOL

  2. Wow, banning sales and possession by people under twenty-one? I’m genuinely surprised that the local government thinks that will pass constitutional muster. Can’t wait to see that court case, and the resulting six-figure check to the SAF.

    1. Honestly, I think the 21 for handguns is likely to fall in the next few years, given that it was passed when the age of majority was 21.

      Now that we have a Constitutional amendment that states that, for federal elections, the age of majority is 18, we have a SCOTUS precedential ruling that states that, for both federal and state capital punishment purposes, the age of majority is 18, and pretty much all laws (except handgun and NFA transfers through FFLs and alcohol purchase, possession, and consumption) treat 18 as the age of majority, the justification to restrict an enumerated right to those sovereign adult citizens and legal residents who are under 21 disappears.

  3. I wouldn’t take Joe Biden’s advice on the brand of adult diapers to buy.

    Much less anything more significant.

  4. Hmmm. Actually, I think it would be cool to see Chicago going up against Alan Gura again at SCOTUS, especially when he says “Your Honors, in McDonald vs Chicago…”

  5. 20 year olds are good enough to die for their country in a far-away third world hellhole but not good enough to go hunting or practice marksmanship in Cook County. Got it.

  6. Wasn’t there a challenge to a law similar to this in another state regarding handguns? As I recall, the court upheld the law as being constitutional. I don’t know the specifics but it may have been posted here.

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