One thought on “Some Confusion Over Who Elects Officials”

  1. “…that advocate for a ban on the sale and possession of handguns.”

    They say that as a general statement, but on looking closer, one finds that they mean their ban to apply only to private citizens. When they say that they’re “against guns”, one has to bear in mind that what these disingenuous statists mean is the opposite of that, since they are in favor of there being lots and lots of guns, but only for the government. That dishonesty on their part is one issue.

    Another issue is that when the anti-rights groups aren’t screeching for a gun ban, they’re screeching that they don’t want to take away everybody’s guns. They say what is convenient for advancing their gun ban agenda at the time that they say it. Helmke was recently quoted as saying that the Brady Campaign doesn’t want to take everybody’s guns away, while his group had filed briefs in support of gun prohibition in D.C. and Chicago.

    On both issues, they are dishonest. They are not as grandly “against guns” as they claim because they are exclusively against privately owned guns. They do in fact want “to take everybody’s guns away” because they want to take away guns away from every private citizen, which is pretty much everybody.

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