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Sorry for the light posting.  I actually had a job interview today.  The position is contract to full time employment.  Probably not something I’m willing to do, though, and given that it’s an hour and ten minute commute each way, that’s making me think no.  I’m not willing to leave full time employment for a contract job.  Once I quit my job, and start working for them, I have little in the way of negotiating position when it comes to the final package.  If they want to hire me away from my current job, they need to negotiate full time employment with me up front.

I am anxious to get out of my current job.  I’ve been here for six years, and the company’s long term prospects are very doubtful. I’ve also inherited, through layoffs and attrition, the work of five other people.  Some of the work is good, but some if it is awful.  The work environment here is pretty bad.  Employees are routinely debased and disrespected, management is incompetent, and the culture values egos above accomplishment.  Not things that motivate me to get up and go to work every day.

I want to stay in a research environment though, and this opportunity would do that for me.  I like working with scientists, and in that type of environment.  I’d hate to pass it up, then have something happen to this job, and be forced to hastily go for a job in generic corporate IT, where, quite honestly, I’d be bored to death.

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  1. Now that you have some interest in spending more time in Northern Virgina, have you conidered working down here? There is not denying the generally fantastic gun laws, though the cost of living is ridiculous.

    Once back from the sandbox in June I’ll be back on the hunt for solid IT folks, particularly security focused individuals who enjoy technical challenges, understand research, and more importantly how to apply research to the real world. I’m an old school security geek/engineer/architect, and with either company I end up working for I’ll be spending a decent amount of time bringing good people into solid contracts, mostly DoD and federal civilian.

    I’ll leave the pitch at that. There are solid jobs in the area, even ones that stay out of D.C. and Maryland, that emphasize a lot more than egos and the magical waving of hands.

    I do hope that you choose to at least stop by our party, even just to say hello.

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