Another Misbehaving Bloomberg Mayor Against Guns

This New Jersey mayor might not be considered an official member of the “Illegal Mayors Against Guns” club yet, but he’s on his way since Borough Council & the Borough Attorney investigating which laws he may have broken.

North Haledon, NJ Mayor Randy George decided to help himself to a city generator in order to chill the freezers at his personal business (an ice cream shop) while the rest of his city went without power following Sandy. He also gave another city generator to his buddy Police Chief Robert Bracco for purely personal use at home.

The defense the Mayor gave to this decision he now admits was unwise (as he’s being investigated for the misuse of city equipment for his personal profits) is that he was working hard and the Police Chief was working hard, so he just assumed that he had the authority to hijack city equipment for their own personal benefit.

As a member of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, I guess that Mayor George really does believe he’s more deserving of these taxpayer-funded perks than all of his little constituents who went without heat, light, and lost food when their personal freezers went unpowered.

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