MAIG Mayor Defeated

Someone sent me this article that the Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, a MAIG mayor, has been defeated. Any defeat of a Bloomberg Mayor is good news, but the question is whether his involvement was a factor in the election, and whether the new Mayor of Omaha, Jean Stothert, won’t also be joining. Targeting MAIG mayors would actually be somewhat easy, since a lot of these small town elections can be swung by only a handful of votes. Unfortunately, while a lot of our folks know the villain Bloomberg well, they don’t pay close attention to what their mayors are doing when it comes to guns. Does your town have a MAIG mayor? If so, you and a handful of friends may be enough to sway the election.

8 thoughts on “MAIG Mayor Defeated”

  1. I’m getting tired of seeing all those damn MAIG Commercials encouraging people to call Toomey and tell him to continue pushing for background checks. Has there been any word about what Toomey will do with Background checks? I’ve got to wonder what the hell Toomey thinks about MAIG supporting him.

  2. This is pretty important, since Omaha is literally across the river from Council Bluffs, Iowa (7th largest city in the state) and only 2 hours from Des Moines. Don’t think this won’t be noticed by folks in both parties desperate to do well in the 2016 Iowa Caucuses and have a shot at the White House.

    I think the NRA needs to start organizing now, and ensure there is a crowd of people every time a politician shows up in Iowa asking tough questions about Bloombergs influence and where they stand on the 2nd Amendment. Two in particular who need to be greeted by 1000 armed Iowans wherever they go in Iowa are the bigot Andrew “Vote Cuomo Not The Homo” Cuomo and Martin O’Malley (MD)

    1. I don’t think it was the final straw (there was some concern about corruption, leasing vehicles, etc) but Huffington Post made a big deal out of it, his campaign blog was very out front constantly discussing newton and the need for an assault weapons ban, magazine restrictions, etc and he ran the hell out of an obnoxious ad. In fact, I’d say he tried to use the gun control message as one of his top issues for supporters to come out to re-elect him. That didn’t work. It doesn’t play well in Nebraska generally, and the people who support gun control are likely to already be in a democrats back pocket.

  3. Don’t forget, MAIG Mayor Chug-a-Lug of Jersey City, NJ lost his election as well. And good ol’ Rub-a-Dub was endorsed by Bloomberg, Cory Booker (sorta small potatoes, but he IS a rising star), and Obama himself!!! But ultimately, guns didn’t play into this election at all, except maybe the fact the Healy never ever turned down a chance to play the eevvaall NRA card to try and get people to wet the bed.

    1. I think we ought to work on Cory Booker. He seems like he is inching toward our side, but slowly. He has had a lot of mixed press since Newtown, and he’s a huge improvement over Lautenburg.

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