Happy Independence Day

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday. We’ll be busy moving and re-arranging. My office is complete, and more importantly, I have a desk:


I’ve been waiting for this to be finished for some time, and now it is finally done. But moving back in is going to be arduous. This room was packed to the gills before.

7 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day”

  1. Time to trash all the useless junk we hoard over time !

    I moved from my student apartment to a slighty larger flat (well… Parisian standards …) a few miles away. And I can’t believe all the junk I had at my old place.

    I know have a nice desk. I’ve set up a new Gigabit switch, Synology NAS, my “old” scanner/copier/printer. And it’s much cleaner (and leaner) than before.

    I still have plenty of stuff at my old place and I suspect most of it is going to end in the dumpster rather than at my new place.

    Anyway, guns are in the safe in their new home which happens to be literally 400 yards from my gun range. :)

    Good luck sorting all the stuff and setting everything back up !

    Rwilson451, +1 !

  2. As a cubicle dweller with over a decade of desk orientation experience, your setup has one problem of which you should be aware.

    You can be snuck up on, inadvertently or purposefully, by other occupants of the residence.

    For me, when I am intently typing or reading with full concentration, this surprise usually results in me squealing a bit and perhaps even flailing around as I am startled.

    Having the doorway in my peripheral vision is a lifesaver.

    1. A good observation!

      I made over half of my career working my own business from home, and I agree distractions can be irritating. I managed it for over 20 years, but other friends of mine who were in similar lone-wolf businesses thought it was worth the overhead to rent office space outside their homes, because they couldn’t stand distractions.

      (Actually, there was no bigger distraction than the GD telephone, and I’m glad I retired before cell phones became de facto mandatory, but that’s another subject.)

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