Have a Happy, Safe Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone enjoys their memorial day, even though the weather doesn’t know what season it wants to be. I actually got a little sleet in the rain today, and there are other parts of Pennsylvania that are getting a little global warming falling from the sky. Today is one of my office days, and I’m busy working on drawings to give to the contractor to fit out our new data center. I’m hoping to finish so I can actually enjoy a holiday weekend.

5 thoughts on “Have a Happy, Safe Holiday Weekend”

  1. I hope you’re coming to the GRAA rally in front of Independence Hall tomorrow.

  2. You are right about the weather!
    Went fishing Thursday, we left around noon, it was warm but cloudy, and the forecast said it would just be cloudy all day, Riiiiiiight.
    As soon as we get to the lake is started to thunder, blow, and pour. Then it cleared up for a while, then More thunder, wind, and rain. Then another clearing but turned colder, then more clouds but thankfully no more rain or thunder. Finally around midnight we gave up and went home mostly because of the cold, I was thankful I grabbed a hoodie before we left, my daughter just had her Tshirt and rain poncho to keep her warm, it didn’t work out real good for her.

    1. BTW, where we went is almost an hour’s drive from home, so turning around and going home was not an option!

      Caught a nice amount of fish, or I should say my daughter caught a nice amount of fish, I only landed 4 keepers.

      Not my day……

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