Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I hope everyone gets to spend time with their families this holiday. I am unfortunately either battling a nasty cold, or a mild flu, so hopefully you’ll holiday will be better than mine. Even if I had an Easter Ham, I’m so stuffed up I couldn’t taste it anyway.

7 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. Thank you and Happy Easter to you and Bitter!!
    Maybe allergies from all the Easter Flowers? Either way hope you feel better!

    My wife is making Ham, Pineapple Stuffing and Broccoli Casserole (With Chedder and Blue Cheese). Dinner is at 6:30. I have on my loosest pants.

  2. I was thinking allergies when I woke up Friday morning with a cough, but I had a fever by evening. Allergies usually don’t cause fever.

  3. “Allergies usually don’t cause fever.”

    Ah, you have what I just got rid of. Stock up on decongestants and cough syrup.

  4. A belated Happy Easter to all!

    Sebastian….great work on the VPC and Brady spending pieces…

    Joe D.

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