Now Begins Thanksgiving Vacation

I am taking this entire week off.  Rather than have to deal with my project and task lists at work, I can concentrate on fun vacation activity:

  • Cleaning the leaves off the lawn.  I have too many trees.
  • Avoid shaving as much as possible.
  • Finish scores for the Gun Blog Rifle League, and make the combined Fall/Winter match.
  • Work up a load for .223 using Varget powder, and get down to the club to crony it.
  • Reload some .44 Special so I can practice for my IHMSA match on the 6th of December.  It’ll be our last one until March.
  • Get the Lee progressive press a reader was kind of enough to send to me up and functioning and start reloading 9mm and .45 ACP all quick like.  I ordered all I need to reload .44 Spl/Mag too, in addition to the .223 stuff.  We’ll see how it works out.
  • Clean the house for Thanksgiving guests.  Sadly this is a big task.
  • Buy a new and larger gun safe, with fireproofing, and all that happy stuff.  My current one is packed to the gills, and I’d like to get some more collector pieces before imports end up more restricted.
  • Think about buying a Glock 30 to replace the Glock 19 as primary carry piece.  The reason I went with 9mm is because it’s common and cheap, but if I’m reloading, I can afford to shoot .45ACP pretty regularly.

That’s basically my holiday plans for my week off.  I will be blogging, but possibly on a different schedule than normal.

14 Responses to “Now Begins Thanksgiving Vacation”

  1. Bitter says:

    I’ll do the house cleaning, you do the shooting. Isn’t that how every happy relationship works? ;)

  2. Sebastian says:

    Except that my shooting is a big part of the mess :)

  3. Bitter says:

    That’s oh-so-true, dear. Fine, you clean the gun stuff, I’ll clean the rest of the stuff, and you still go shooting.

  4. AughtSix says:


    Anyway, what bullet are you planning on using with Varget?

  5. TexasFred says:

    Think about buying a Glock 30 to replace the Glock 19 as primary carry piece. The reason I went with 9mm is because it’s common and cheap, but if I’m reloading, I can afford to shoot .45ACP pretty regularly.
    If you’re gonna UPGRADE, upgrade to a Springfield XD-45 Tactical… If ya do you’ll use Glocks for trot-line sinkers..

  6. Sebastian says:

    I’ve shot the XDs. They are nice guns, but I still prefer the Glock.

  7. TexasFred says:

    You never took one to a gun fight I am guessing?? I mean a REAL gunfight, not a paper punching…

    Not being an ass Sebastian, not intentionally anyway, but I had a Glock nearly get me killed a few years ago, before I retired…

    We got into a serious fight and my Glock locked up tight, new gun, I had shot it on the range some, wasn’t terribly impressed but it was what they gave us…

    Anyway, it stove piped at the WORST possible moment and had it not been for the S&W Chief I carried for backup, I’d probably be 15 years dead right now…

    I got rid of that Glock ASAP, went back to my Mark IV Series 70…

    For years I had people tell me I just didn’t know how to shoot a pistol, well, that’s a crock, here’s something you may not know, some, not all, but SOME Glocks have an inherent tendency to stovepipe, Glock knows it and denies the hell out of it…

    When my Son was commissioned they were going to issue him a Glock 40, he had heard me bitch about Glocks for years and told em, “No thanks, I’ll carry my XD-40” and he did…

    A few weeks after graduation I get a call one afternoon and I hear rounds going off like crazy, it’s my Son and I nearly died, I thought they were in a fire fight, but no, they were on the range and a Glock master armorer was there to do a demo and sell some more Glocks to the kids…

    Well, as I said, for years I had known about that stove pipe issue and I was always told it was ME, not the Glock. The Glock guy is doing the demo and it happens to HIM, it stove pipes, several times…

    My son had heard the accusations about it being ME and NOT knowing how to shoot a pistol, well, the light bulb goes off, he looked at the Glock guy and says, “What’s the matter?? You don’t know how to shoot a Glock??”

    The guy called him off to the side and asked him WHY he said that the way he did, and he told em about ME…

    The Glock guy admitted to him, yeah, there is a problem, not ALL Glocks, but when they get one that does it, they have NO idea why or how to fix it…

    My Son looks at him and says, “Yeah, so you just blame the operator huh??” and he calls me to tell me what he had just seen…

    If you like a Glock, great, I am not gonna say a word against ya man, I think too much of you for that to happen, but I spent 24 years shooting stuff, and it wasn’t paper on the range, I was in a position that required 24/7 carry, everywhere I went…

    Now my Son carries an XD-45 Tac, he put over 12K rounds thru his XD-40 and never had the 1st malfunction, he has over 5K rounds thru his XD-45, same result… And he took the XD-45 for a swim too, had a car blown into a bayou during IKE, took the XD apart, dried it, oiled it and put in fresh ammo, back to work and still never a missed round…

    IF I had to carry on a DUTY and daily basis and there were no Hi-Cap pistols I would still carry a 1911 Springfield, but now, it’s an XD for me, and my Son’s Sheriff went and bought one, so did their range master and several of their officers, they saw the HELL my Son put the XD-40 thru and now the 45…

    Made believers out of em, one guy went and sold his SIG so he could afford to get one…

    It’s a life and death thing for me Sebastian, a Glock damn near got me killed, I would hate to see it happen to you or anyone else for that matter… And seriously man, not trying to argue, I just wanted you to hear that side of Glocks in case you hadn’t…

  8. Sebastian says:

    I’ve put thousands through my Glock and never had a malfunction that wasn’t the fault of me using crap ammunition. I mean, I get that the Glock failed on you at the moment of truth, and I can’t blame you for not wanting to depend on them after that, but most of the cops I know feel OK about trusting their lives to them, and I don’t think they’d be deployed by so many departments if they were plagued with serious reliability problems.

  9. Achilles says:


    If you’re looking to move up from a Glock 19 as a carry weapon, I’d recommend a Glock 23.

    My first Glock was a 30, and I like it very much. I even carried it for awhile. However, I later discovered that the 23 was much easier to handle, in the same size package. I’m keeping my 30, but only in case my 23 and my 22 are seized by the guv’mint.

    To supplement your response to Texas Fred, I’ve been through two multi-day training courses with my 23, in addition to several IDPA events. I haven’t had a single malfunction, other than the ones that the instructors told me to induce. I have the utmost confidence in my sidearm.

  10. TexasFred says:

    I’m glad you DO have that confidence, I hope my words and warnings never come true, for ANY of you, but if they do, I hope you live to tell the tale…

    Just MY opinion, ya couldn’t chase me hard enough, far enough or fast enough to GIVE me a Glock, but, that’s why they make so many different types of handguns…

    Happy handgunning, and BTW, there’s a hell of a difference between REALLY carrying and having a CHL, just saying…

  11. Tam says:

    We got into a serious fight and my Glock locked up tight, new gun, I had shot it on the range some, wasn’t terribly impressed but it was what they gave us…

    Anyway, it stove piped at the WORST possible moment…

    So, was it “locked up tight” or an FTE?

    Hey, guns malf. It happens; that’s why you carry two, right?

  12. Sebastian says:

    Bah, another shell plate and another set of dies if I get a Glock 23 :) More brass I have to sort through, etc. Part of the reason I figured a 30 might be a good purchase is that I’m already reloading .45 now that a reader sent me all the fun stuff I need to progressively reload it, and I have a bunch of empty brass from shooting the Gun Blog .45.

  13. Weambulance says:

    Hey, whatever excuse to buy a new gun. Hell I’m thinking about getting a .40 S&W something just because I came across a thousand cases at my shooting spot… I need to get a 38 Special again to use up those 500 158gr XTPs I’ve got laying around too… then there’s all the 30 Carbine left over from the M1 I sold, so a Ruger Blackhawk might be necessary…

    I’ve got more excuses than money. For now.

  14. FatWhiteMan says:

    I’m jealous. I have three kids, 5, 3 and 1 so here’s my week off:

    1. Take care of kids.
    2. Clean house.
    3. Clean house.
    4. Chase kids.
    5. When the kids are napping, look at the dust-covered progressive presses.
    6. Clean house again.
    7. Chase kids.
    8. Before the kids get up, read gun blogs.
    9. Chase kids.
    10. Clean house.
    11. Work up new loads in my head as I read reloading manuals at bedtime.
    12. Get up with the baby in the night (but at least we get to watch Red Dawn again.
    13. Chase Kids.
    14. Clean house.
    15. At least blessedly Black Friday is the official “Sight In Your Muzzleloader Day” at the compound.