Airplane Needed for Leaflet Drop

Mike Bloomberg is hosting a 1000 dollar a plate fundraising dinner for his good buddy Joe Manchin. I would love to print out that invitation and air drop them all over the state of West Virginia. I don’t see this kind of thing going over well with the locals. Let us not forget that in addition to Bloomberg’s rampant nannying on every freedom issue under the sun, he’s also an avowed enemy of coal.

“Joe Manchin gets help from the Mayor of New York City, a billionaire who hates gun rights and wants coal mining to disappear. He throws fancy fundraising dinners for Joe in Manhattan that none of you could ever afford to attend, and that goes double when the coal jobs disappear.” Yeah, that’ll go over well in West Virginia. I’m sure of it.

17 Responses to “Airplane Needed for Leaflet Drop”

  1. jerry says:

    Either Manchin has no intention of running in 2018, or he believes he can lie and distort enough(again) that the voters of WV will be fooled and vote for him one more time. I can’t for the life of me figure out why he is acting in this manner.

    • Patrick H says:

      But he just keeps bringing it up. That’s what I don’t get. Bloomberg must be offering him millions of dollars or something.

    • Andy B. says:

      Count within the realm of possibility, that he has already been promised that some “pro-gun” entity will provide cover for him. Contrary to our own treasured self-image, gun owners have notoriously short memories, and almost any group displaying enough waving Old Glories and glowering bald eagles can make them forget the transgressions of otherwise Good Conservatives. Gun owners who don’t forget, for the most part don’t have the outreach resources that the apologists have.

  2. Bitter says:

    The leaflet should also mention Manchin bragging about cutting the gun control deal on his yacht.

  3. Dave says:

    Wow, this is all a really odd twist. Maybe Morse, from Colorado, will there too..

  4. tincankilla says:

    Manchin is going to resign, then become a lobbyist. just wait.

  5. WhiskeyWasOnceMoney says:

    Will he throw one for Toomey too? Here’s hoping.

  6. Andy B. says:

    FWIW I just captured the invitation image as a .PDF file and will shortly pass it along to some buddies in WV. Maybe if it goes viral there will be no need for an airplane. If everybody there who received it got fifty copies printed and walked it door to door — gun shops, 500 – 1000 on their counters — it might have better effect than an air drop!

  7. Rob Crawford says:

    I’ll kick in some funds to help if a pallet of leaflets is dropped as a unit. Less litter that way.

  8. Drifter says:

    Charleston has a C-130 unit. I mean, if the Soda Jerk can use NYC resources, we should be able to use state resources, right. Or, we could federalize the crew and just write it up as a Congressman communicating with his constituents. :)

  9. Jacob says:

    To be fair, other non-resident politicians, both pro and anti, have held fundraisers in NYC. Ted Cruz was in the area recently helping the NYGOP raise cash.

    Plus, $1000 per person for a Senatorial candidate is average. I’ve gotten hit up for more than that.

    • Dirk Diggler says:

      that is not the issue . . . I have given money to congressional candidates from other states and have no problem with it . . . the issue here is it is Bloomberg raising the $$, and he is on record as he is going against pro-gun congressional candidates. Hence, what did Manchin do (or not) to gain this support? HE SOLD THE PRO 2A COMMUNITY OUT !!!!

  10. Drifter says:


    My NYC resources comment was aimed at Bloomberg’s use of city computers to run Illegal Mayors Against Guns, which is quite different than hitting up Gothamites for dinero.

  11. brian says:

    anybody have a contact with the junk mail crowd? can’t be that terribly exspensive or I woulnn’t get so much of it. I’d be willing to cough up some cash for a mass mailing of the flyer to all in WV.

    • Whetherman says:

      It’s only “not expensive” if you expect to make a profit from it, which they do. Every piece of junk mail you get, that seems so senseless, is scientifically designed via long studies and experiments to maximize the income it will bring in.

      I don’t wish to be insulting, but if you get a huge amount of junk (snail) mail, it suggests that along the way you have pegged yourself as one of the dependable cows for milking. Email being cheap is not as carefully targeted, but if anything, its content is more carefully designed.

      Incidentally, that is how even our “friends” see us — as virtually an agricultural commodity to be farmed scientifically. Since I have made nothing but anonymous donations for some years now, I have been interested in how many “dear friends” have lost interest in me, and how relatively light my mailbox is, compared to the past.

      • WhiskeyWasOnceMoney says:

        Recency, frequency, monetary. Whetherman has the right of it.


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