Some questions for OC Opponents in Mississippi

Dave Hardy asks a few questions about the new OC law that’s now been enjoined in Mississippi.

Who drafted this pile of offal? Can officers of a county (which is generally a subdivision of the State) sue the State? Isn’t that a little like the City Planner suing the city because he doesn’t like the zoning plan?

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4 Responses to “Some questions for OC Opponents in Mississippi”

  1. Saratoga says:

    If officers of a county can’t sue a state then so much for the sheriffs’ lawsuits against the New York SAFE Act and Colorado’s new gun laws.

    • Zermoid says:

      Yes, but that is a lawsuit over an unjust/illegal Restriction of rights.

      This is a suit to make something that is legal into something illegal, which is not something a courts has the right to do as far as I know.
      That’s the job of the legislative branch of govt to draft laws to make things illegal. Right?

  2. HSR47 says:

    I’d read his blog more if the spam filter wasn’t so aggressive….