Wednesday News Links

All the news that’s fit to link:

A mystery man is seen handing out cash to “supporters” of a Colorado Democrat facing a recall election.

Hunting with the AR-15 on All Outdoor. This is a new spinoff from the folks that brought you The Firearm Blog, so if you’re a fan of TFB, it might be worth stopping in.

It takes more than an EF-4 to ruin a Smith & Wesson M&P. Probably the best advertising Smith & Wesson could probably imagine getting for free.

The enhanced restaurant carry bill in North Carolina has cleared the Senate. Now back to the House for concurrence, and then off to the Governor. But there is trouble brewing, so be sure to call.

The GOP in New York may have a candidate for Governor to go against Cuomo. Though, the last GOP governor in NY, George Pataki, was nothing to write home about.

Illinois towns are looking into gun bans. It’s probable that all the delays in implementing a shall-issue carry bill are to get some more gun bans in and get them grandfathered.

The Heller ruling after 5 years. Has it been that long? I still think it was a great victory, but I have renewed worry about what eight years of Obama is going to do to the federal courts, and where we’ll be able to take Second Amendment law from here.

Uncle has more to say about the anti-gun woman who is carrying for a month as an experiment. His audience is leaving comments too that just seem to end up in the bit bucket. I noticed they did approve a comment today, so it would appear to be reasoned discourse at work.

A 14-year-old is facing a year in jail over an NRA t-shirt. Experts say zero tolerance could backfire.

Democrats quietly renew push for gun control.

Organizing for Action, formerly Obama for America, draws a whopping 3 people to a gun control rally…. in California.

Joe Huffman has a regular monday piece featuring anti-gun folks making penis references about gun owners. Apparently he’s good into 2014. There’s no shortage of material.

Don Kates on shutting up anti-gun hysterics.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell signs a second gun control bill. This time it’s Lost & Stolen. The Philadelphia Inquirer is busy helping lay the ground work to get it passed here.

New Jersey gun control groups are already pressuring newly appointed New Jersey Senator Jeff Chiesa on gun control.

UPDATE: Forgot one: Has Zimmerman Waived His Right to a Pre-Trial “Stand-Your-Ground” Hearing? Learn the Truth. It got mixed in with work tabs.

7 Responses to “Wednesday News Links”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    Comments on the NJ senator article are running 5-2 pro-gun

  2. Andy B. says:

    I hope the ACLU rings in on the “NRA T-shirt” case. I think the facts are going to turn on, the degree to which the kid actually resisted police, and what the police were doing when he resisted. He cannot of course be charged with anything, simply for wearing the T-shirt in school, and if the police were trying to (say) physically remove it from him, I think they would be on very shaky ground.

    For an analogy, I see where the ACLU is defending two girls who wore anti-abortion T-shirts to school. And, the PA-ACLU was very energetic in helping us with a First Amendment angle on an RKBA effort, back around 2000. Allentown shut down a municipal gun buyback program rather than deal with us AND the ACLU. (Well, mainly the ACLU.)

    • Andy B. says:

      If you are interested in similar cases, Google “school” AND “t-shirt” while confining your search to There appear to have been scads of such cases, with the ACLU defending students’ rights to wear the Confederate Battle Flag and anti-Muslim t-shirts, as well as pro-LGBT t-shirts. But, I saw no mentions yet of NRA t-shirts.

  3. lumpy says:

    Did the guy passing out money for votes have a New York Accent?

  4. Eh, the “shutting up the antigun people” by pulling out the “how does a woman defend herself from rape” line doesn’t work on the True Believers.

    Remember, these people see the Boston Bombers as victims. They don’t want rapists to get shot. Many of them honestly think that using deadly force against a violent “man in the bushes” rapists is criminal.

    It does work fairly well against moderates in the middle or the uninformed. It worked for us in Colorado when the state wanted to criminalize self defense on campus.

  5. Sigivald says:

    It’s probable that all the delays in implementing a shall-issue carry bill are to get some more gun bans in and get them grandfathered.

    Of course, that grandfathering wont’ prevent each and every town that does that from a suit based on Heller

    It’s like they like wasting their municipal money on this kind of thing.