Why Are MAIG Mayors so Violent?

From Jacob up in New York:

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley is in big trouble over domestic violence allegations against his wife.  Now he’s been rearrested on witness tampering charges after trying to persuade his wife to recant her accusations and say she is mentally ill and lied to police.

Stay classy, Bloomberg Mayors. Stay classy.

4 thoughts on “Why Are MAIG Mayors so Violent?”

  1. Are guys like this anti-gun because they know how close they are to losing their own self-control all the time and yet think they are normal? If everyone else was as loosely nuts as this guy…blood in the streets might happen.

    A man like this should be barred from owning a firearm, perhaps.

  2. Who is Blomberg paying to run this crap in a state he doesn’t live in? and who does this in NY? I keep hearing PA and NY MAIG news. they only have two states of mayors. If you take away PA and NY (look a their site) there’s nada. We must get PA and NY to wake up. Exploiut the blomberg staffers in those states and bye bye credibility…..!!!!!

    1. What do you mean we must get PA to wake up? What are you doing, Terry? You’ve never piped up before, so it seems a little presumptuous to come here and tell us we need to wake up when we are actively trying to turn the political tide.

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