Bloomberg a Snoop?

Apparently the nation’s most insufferable Mayor is also the nation’s most insufferable snoop.

9 Responses to “Bloomberg a Snoop?”

  1. Old NFO says:

    ISn’t THAT just special… Talk about insider trading potential!!!

  2. Shootin Buddy says:

    And the SEC has said what about this report?

  3. RP says:

    I enjoyed the first line of the article. The more the “Blooomberg = wannabe nanny” meme spreads the less credibility he has. I hope he pushes his uber-controlling bullshit to the point where no politician wants to be associated with him.

  4. SAS 2008 says:

    The fact the they can tell the last time a person logged on and from where should come as no surprise. It is a common practice to log such information. Logging of user activities for statistical purposes is also common among service providers.

    Their privacy policy at states that they can collect this information:

    “BLP and the parties with whom we work (e.g., service providers, business partners) may place, view, and/or use “cookies,” Web server logs, Web beacons, or other electronic tools to collect statistical and other information about your use of this Web site and other websites”

    They also say:

    “BLP and the parties with whom we work may use the information collected for various reasons, either on behalf of Bloomberg or for the other parties’ own purposes, including…”

    I don’t see any real restrictions in the policy on how they will use the data. So no user of the service should be surprised that the information is there. If they have the information you must assume they will use it however they wish. If you don’t like that then use a different service. It comes as no surprise to me that Bloomberg LP would use the data in such a way.

    This is no different than the gun rights side being concerned about ATF or others having data about gun purchases or background checks.

    Goldman Sachs is just being naïve to think their data won’t be used in a way they don’t like and Bloomberg LP is being careless to show Goldman what they are doing with the data.

    • SAS 2008 says:

      BTW I am not sure this is the exact same service Goldman is using but my guess is even if it is not that the terms of service and the privacy policy is similar.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Can’t run a Nanny State w/o Info.

    Combine this story with his MAIG Follies, his “Stop and Frisk” Police Policies, the NYPD’s Illegal Spying on people WAY OUTSIDE their Jurisdiction, his Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder on what one puts into their Mouths in NYC, and I could make a case for Mickey being locked up for being “Clinically Paranoid.”

    And I wish someone would.

  6. IllTemperedCur says:

    Bloomie snooping in areas that are none of his damned business?

    Captain Renault to the white courtesy phone. To the white courtesy phone please.

  7. dustydog says:

    I’m wondering what government officials use the same service, and were being spied upon, and how they plan to retaliate.

    • former it guy says:

      well, some cities are starting to hop aboard the google cloud. all seeing sauron eye of google that is.

      what could possibly go wrong?