MAIG Mayor Makes Ridiculous Argument Against HR822

The Mayor of Milwaukee, and MAIG Mayor Tom Barrett says that HR822 is a bill fit for the nation’s gun traffickers:

Gun traffickers with a permit to carry concealed weapons from another state would be able to easily travel to our state with a variety of firearms in tow, and police would be unable to stop them until they actually witnessed an illegal gun sale.

Do we have evidence of a wave of gun traffickers are getting concealed carry permits? And since when can the police in Wisconsin “stop” someone for transporting a firearm with no other probable cause to believe a crime is being committed. Last I checked transporting firearms was not a crime.

This just goes to show the utter ridiculousness of MAIG and our opponents. It’s like Bloomberg is asking all his flunkies to do op-eds and the Mayor of Milwaukee decided to phone it in instead of spending any time making a serious argument.

4 thoughts on “MAIG Mayor Makes Ridiculous Argument Against HR822”

  1. It’s amazing how stupid these people are. And one’s a friggin’ MAYOR. No surprise he’s the mayor of the armpit of WI — North Chicago. Er, I mean Milwaukee.

    Hey, stupid people, no one needs any kind of permit to transport a gun into and through WI, nor does a non-resident even need a permit to open carry and shoot a gun in WI. You just have to keep it in a case in the trunk during transport. MORONS.

  2. If you are a resident of Maryland and if you are not traveling directly between your home and a range, gun store, gun show, or hunt, you are committing a state crime if you are transporting a handgun. A resident of another state passing through Maryland is protected by federal law, but intrastate transport is not protected. Remember, our highest state court has ruled that the Second Amendment is void outside the home in Maryland.

  3. Hey, I think I saw a whole bunch of gun trafficking criminals in line at the local sheriff’s department waiting to get finger printed and background checked for their CCW licenses…

    Dann in Ohio

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