Brady Adds Voices Against Violence

Perhaps in an effort to appeal to a demographic that does not already have one foot in the grave, the Brady Campaign will have Snoop Dogg call you, and help connect you to your Senators, and not just Tony Bennett. Personally, I think Tony Bennett was probably more appropriate, given the Brady target demographic.

UPDATE: Uncle offers an appropriate name change, “The Brady Campaign to Cling to Relevancy.”

10 thoughts on “Brady Adds Voices Against Violence”

  1. Nothing better than having a felon drug dealer, felon gun crime offender, accused killer, and open advocate for drug use calling on your behalf.

  2. I could be wrong, but the impression I get from my kids’ generation in our extended family (mid-20s to late-30s) is that they would laugh themselves silly if they got a call from Snoop Dog, and it would have nothing to do with him being an ex-felon. Even an old codger like me knows he’s yesterday’s news. Who do the Bradys employ to think up this stuff for them?

    (Of course we have Ted Nugent — speaking of yesterday’s news — and I’m recalling that Secretary of the Interior [Was it? Name?] who thought the Beach Boys were too over the top to perform on the mall in Washington.)

    1. Once you start doing soft-drink commercials, you’re no longer cutting edge.

  3. Snoop Dog….thats a laugh.

    I always take advice from someone who is perpetually stoned.

    Come to think of it…I don’t know if he knows what sober is.

    Maybe the message will be outlaw guns legalize drugs.

  4. I think that having Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent as spokesmen for the NRA hurts the gun rights movement as much as this “rapper” hurts the gun controllers. Nugent’s alleged “music” and drug use, and Norris’s thuggish martial “artist” movies make the two men poor choices to speak for the gun community. The NRA membership seems to like electing celebrities. One reason that my late father quit the NRA was actor Charlton Heston’s election to the NRA’s presidency.
    BTW, the Secretary of the Interior who thought that the Beach Boys were over the top was James Watt, President Reagan’s greatest cabinet choice. I cried the day that he left the administration.
    Instead of louts for spokesmen, why not recruit and pay pro-gun intellectuals such as Thomas Fleming, Scott McConnell and Patrick Buchanan? At least they would lift the discussion out of the gutter.

      1. Pat Buchanan supported 2nd amendment rights consistently in all his presidential campaigns. I think he was quoted as saying unless it requires a tow hitch to haul it, it shouldn’t be regulated. ;) He is also one of the original conservative intellectuals.

        He has also spoken out against Obama’s latest gun control and said how popular the AR-15 platform is recently.

        I do cast my lot with the paleo-cons mentioned above and i believe they are one of the last true conservatives left who can articulate the meaning of the word. Putting my cards on the table, I am a huge Buchanan fan and have met him personally at various events. Alas, that ship has already sailed and I see the younger editors of Chronicles Magazine stepping up.

    1. Wasn’t Watt indicted on a couple dozen felony charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, but copped a misdemeanor plea?

      But I think we’re illustrating something important here; since none of us is really “single issue,” almost any spokesman is going to offend someone, in consideration of their past record. Possibly a good way to minimize that problem, is to have a number of spokespeople, that don’t all conform to a single stereotype other than being hardline about guns.

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