The Mother’s Day Rally & Counter Rally

Well, it’s been talked about, hashed over, and rehashed over, in the local media for days now. The Bux-Mont Peace Coalition finally had its rally on Mother’s Day, at Williamson Park in Morrisville. Here are some photos and some videos:

I’m particularly proud of catching Rendell’s bodyguard’s poorly concealed sidearm. Good enough for the former Governor, but not good enough for your family? And at a peace rally too? Tsk tsk. I did manage to get some video, despite the pouring rain. First, the invasion of Pennsylvania by the gun control crowd:

If you’re going to invade my state, you need more cowbell! And also a brief video of the mixed rally/counter-rally in Williamson Park. I could only film for a little bit because my iPhone we getting soaked in the rain. I had just missed Rendell’s rather short speech.

The gun control people outnumbered us, but not by a whole lot, especially once the rain started. That’s dedication for you. I’d estimate we had about 100 people, and they had maybe 200. They seem to have lost a lot of the marchers between the bridge and the park. It’s always hard to tell because a crowd marching will always look bigger than when you compress it. Despite all the folks walking around with openly carried and concealed firearms at a peace protest, somehow it managed to remain peaceful. Hardly a surprise to me, but as one women who spoke to the rally said “She was kind of scared, but not too scared to speak out.” She really had nothing to be fearful of.

9 thoughts on “The Mother’s Day Rally & Counter Rally”

  1. I wonder who that woman was who said she was ‘scared’?? Probably the same woman who said she was scared of all the gun owners at the Senate hearing in NJ back on the 30th….

    1. The four guest speakers on CGOBC’s promotional flyer, for a start. :-)

      Were they all there?

      1. Larry Pratt was there. Charles Heller was there. Other than that, I was tuning out the speakers. We went for ice cream at the nearby Dairy Queen for part of the speaking. Tom Ligenfelter came up to us and seemed surprised when I said I knew who he was, but that he didn’t have our votes. He then went on a rant about Donnelly, who I don’t really support either. He tried to bring up lesser evils, which I’m open to sometimes, but the sheriff’s race is one I don’t think there’s an acceptable candidate. If I’m going to go for a primary challenger, I’m not willing to settle as much, and Ligenfelter has played to this sheriff nonsense. He’s just always struck me as a bit of an opportunist. Not that all politicians aren’t opportunists, but I’m more skeptical of the ones who want to try to tell me they aren’t.

  2. Background checks wouldn’t work with MAIG members. Few have felony convictions before entering office. It’s the crimes they commit while in office that get them.

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