The Astroturfing of Ayotte

Ever since New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte voted with us on the Toomey-Manchin sellout, Bloomberg and Obama have been doing their best to manufacture outrage at her town hall meetings, and the media has only been too happy play along. The New Hampshire Journal takes an honest look at these “protesters” and discovers an awful lot of AstroTurf.

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  1. The Maryland Gun Control rally was turfed by a progressive guy who had to bring some in from DC and Virginia, because the free bu they provided from Baltimore could not be filled with Maryland residents.

    They then wanted the crowd to look tighter for the photo-op (Governor was speaking), so they placed chairs on the surrounding lawn with the word “Reserved” on every one of them. This forced the 150 or so gun control people to crowd into a tighter space, to make it look more packed for the camera.

    Two things about that: not a single person ever was allowed to sit in the chairs (including the older gun control supporter who was infirm with a cane – she was told to stand); and chairs are not allowed at rallies on the mall because they can be used as weapons. Our rally of 5000 had no chairs allowed, but their rally of about 150 astroturfers did – only so they could be used to corrale the photo op.

    Problem for them is the capital cameras facing down into the mall are public, and the real photos from the bird’s eye view shows the difference.

    1. Do you have a link to where I could see those photos?

      That sounds like a a great example to cite in arguments, but without the photos it’s just hearsay.

  2. That’s the only way they can manufacture support- busing in people for free. We’ll drive ourselves hours to show support.

    1. Or pay 30-50+ each to take a bus, as seemed to be the deal on the SEPA buses to Harrisburg for the rally this year.

  3. Right. Never mind that she’s at 50% according to a University of NH poll conducted in the last week.

  4. I know from personal experience that New Hampshire is not all that of an anti-gun state. I have been there enough to know this firsthand. So I truly had a lot of doubt about Senator Ayotte’s poll numbers taking a hit because of her vote against the bill by Manchin-Toomey. She is not even up for reelection until 2016 anyway.

    Here is what I can tell you from what I saw the other night on NBC Nightly News:

    NBC sent one of their reporter women to New Hampshire to attend a town hall meeting hosted by Senator Ayotte. The reporter said in her voice-over that 80% of new Hampshire voters supported the background checks that Senator Ayotte voted against. When this video I watched then showed people at this town hall meeting who were so, so upset about Ayotte’s “no” vote, THERE WERE ONLY TWO PEOPLE who spoke up at her. One of them was some local old guy who actually lives in New Hampshire, and the other person was Erica Lafferty, a Sandy Hook family member who still lives in Connecticut, which is a four-hour-drive distance away from where this town hall meeting was held! I would even be willing to bet that NBC News, or some other partisan gun-banning group, were themselves the people who drove Erica Lafferty to attend this town hall meeting. The NBC report ended with Erica Lafferty getting all huffy and storming out of the town hall meeting, like it was right out of some movie on the Lifetime network.

    This whole Sandy Hook families thing is nothing but part of a coordinated campaign to trash the Second Amendment. In other words, astro turf with backing from Obama himself. I figured all of this out by last January.

  5. Frankly I am sickened that everything in our public life, including what goes on on the floors of our legislatures, is a manufactured charade that may or may not have anything to do with the issues at hand. And, that is independent of ideologies.

  6. Yeah, I saw all three networks chiding Sen Ayotte as being stressed by anti-gun protesters. Never saw more than five or six in any photo, maybe a dozen in the video feeds. They never mentioned the pro-2A supporters. They also kept saying the gun control bill might be brought up again this month, but admitted that no votes have turned yet. But they’re trying to pressure them. Gag!

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