5 thoughts on “Playing Doctor”

  1. The left-wingers/statists/obamabots are falling into their usual pattern of behavior of using lies, deceit, and outright distortions here on this socialized health care debate – it’s no different from what they been doing on their side of the gun debate for the last few decades now.

    Marxists like Obama and his ilk are seldom ever honest about what they are and what they truly want. This is immaterial in their minds nevertheless – it’s the whole ends-justifies-the-means mentality which is what matters most to them.

    Oh, no! Am I a racist or a nazi now for what I just wrote above? I’ll bet that’s what Keith Olbermann would say, not like I would even waste five minutes of my life watching his travesty of a show.

  2. Hey, what did Martha Stewart go to prison for? Wasn’t it lying to the .gov or is that only during investigations?

  3. Dear gentlemen, if you think those examples are outrageous (and they are), you should have seen CBS’s hatchet job on the militia this morning, giving credence to the traitorous Southern Poverty Law Center’s ridiculous claim that we armed citizens who keep vigil over the unconstitutional growth in federal power were responsible for killing the Pittsburg police officers, the Wichita abortionist, and other murder victims. They then appealed to the public, a la Obama, to watch out for and report to government officials any one suspected of buying arms who also thinks the government is violating its constitutional limits. Fellows, it was blasphemous! Fightin’ words, really! Sebastian, please say something to calm me down, because right now I am enraged by the outrage!
    Thanks for the video of the army patriot who demanded gov’t obedience to the Constitution. That was very encouraging and has helped to temper my rage.
    Thank you!

  4. CBS is still on the air? Even CNN noted that the report painted w/ a broad brush, that should tell you how seriously it’s being considered. The only people that will use it as ‘evidence’ are the wingnuts on DailyKoz, DU, and Huffpo.

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