Next on the Agenda …

With the law seminar winding down, the NRA Annual Meeting nightlife is about to begin. Last night we were happy to meet up with Bob Cottrol, Steven Halbrook, John Frazer, Dave Kopel, and Dave Hardy for dinner. Top minds in this issue, and there was enlightened discussion about how to save the world.

Tonight we’ll be headed to a dinner for NRA volunteer coordinators. We’ve been coming to NRA Annual meeting every year since 2007, and Bitter has been an annual attendant longer than that. We’ve become experts at where to pick up free food and free drink.

Later tonight I’m meeting up with a long time friend who lives in the area, along with her partner. Today is her birthday, actually, so that makes the timing good to catch up. I can buy her some dinner.

One thing of note: security at this Annual Meeting is far tighter than in previous years. There is a law enforcement presence even inside the media room and in the conference rooms. Apparently the peace loving gun violence prevention advocates have been making threats and no one is taking any chances as to whether they are serious.

Tomorrow we’ll try to get down to the floor and get some pictures.

4 thoughts on “Next on the Agenda …”

  1. It must suck to be a Houston cop assigned to walk the convention floor. I would love to get paid OT and oogle at guns.

  2. Sebastian I am quite envious of you having dinner with that bunch. I hope your plans to save the world pan out.

  3. Sir, CBS and NBC are both interviewing apparent NRA members there who disagree with the leadership and want more background checks. There is no way to tell if this is a prevailing opinion or if they hunted down a rare uninformed member and paraded him before the cameras. What are you sensing from the rank and file on this issue?

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