OFA Gun Control Petition Plans

CSGV must be absolutely giddy for tomorrow. They are on the short list of groups selected by the President’s organization to present OFA’s gun control petitions to the Senate & House along with MAIG & Protect Minnesota. This is almost relevancy!

I think it’s quite funny that OFA spent quite a bit of time on their conference call with supporters tonight highlighting how many pieces of paper they plan to print and how many cars they plan to fill with these dead trees to drive in their pollution-generating cars to Capitol Hill to be delivered to all of those Senators who voted against them. Yet, CNN highlights how it is all a silly PR stunt.

Rules prevent the boxes of paper from being delivered directly to lawmakers, so names will be sent digitally…

According to the call leaders, their target states are New Hampshire, Arizona, and Nevada. They also touted the 1.4 million button clicks for the online petition were “unprecedented,” but oddly enough, didn’t let their supporters know that NRA now has 5 million dues-paying-members.

OFA’s only meetings that they announced for tomorrow are with California Democrats – Nancy Pelosi and Mike Thompson. But, you know, bipartisanship. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Republicans to take their calls, but I do think it makes their claims about being bipartisan just a tad false–a pretty common theme in tonight’s phone call.

OFA is claiming that Sen. Ayotte is a success story of their gun control push because she is supposedly being hit on the issue from both the left and the right. Do any New Hampshire readers have any evidence of the right attacking Ayotte for her gun control vote? I think that may be an outright lie. They also claim that Ayotte has changed her mind on the vote, which is not at all what I have seen.

In the greater scheme of things, their leading topic tonight was immigration. The other big topic was climate change. The first two questions were also about those issues. The single question on gun control was best paraphrased as, “Does all this organizing on gun control actually work or are we wasting our time?”

4 thoughts on “OFA Gun Control Petition Plans”

  1. The 1.4mm ‘button clicks’ for their online petition is a joke. I went to the MAIG site and clicked on a link to try and ask them a question and got pop-up saying “Thanks for signing the petition”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a significant % of their petition ‘button clicks’ are from gun rights people checking out their sites.

    Show me names of people who signed. Or better yet, paid members.

    Until then, I will continue to believe that grass roots support for gun control is mostly smoke and mirrors. This is a top-down agenda paid for and driven by the elite, with a relative handful of useful idiots on the ground.

      1. That’s OFA and looks to be general fundraising. No doubt there are plenty of liberals in America.

        I’d be curious to see gun control specific fundraising, by OFA, MAIG, Brady, or any of the other usual suspects.

        1. Considering you questioned the OFA petition and they use the same lists for fundraising that they do for gun control activism, it still answers your questions.

          If you want to know about MAIG and Brady, download their 990s. Those are public and free. It’s not like this information you demand isn’t easily accessible if you really are curious.

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