Gun Issue Not Playing a Predominate Roll

This is what’s going to kill us, to be honest:

“I don’t see any evidence that important Senate races are going to be decided on guns this year, even after Orlando,” said Wes Anderson, the National Rifle Association’s longtime pollster.

Gun control advocates are also preparing for a low profile in November. Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun control group started by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has so far targeted only one candidate, New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a leader of the group told American Media Institute.

The Democrats are running the most anti-gun campaign in the party’s history. If we can’t make guns an issue in this election, we might as well start buying PVC tubes, shovels, and cosmoline now, because that’s where they are going to end up if the Dems are rewarded for this bullshit.

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  1. Quit being a Debbie downer. Posts like this are getting ridiculous. Bi-polar much?

  2. By the tone of this blog lately it sounds more like you’d rather get the Vaseline out before the cosmoline!

  3. I’ve always called it as I’ve seen it. In the past I’ve been a happier warrior, because in all honesty, when we lost 2008, we were a strong movement, and I thought we could absorb the loss. In 2012 we lost another, but Presidents tend to get re-elected so it wasn’t much of a shock. I knew going into the Obama Administration we were likely looking at eight years. But 2016 was our election to lose, and I think with Trump, we may have done it. We won’t absorb this loss. It will the catastrophe of our generation, in a way the early 90s were for another. We can endure too many of those. Without robust court protections for the 2nd Amendment, we can’t free New York and California, which are huge states with significant chunks of the total American population. The Dems have completely turned their backs on gun rights and embraced gun control as a central issue, and they are competitive in a number of states that are still largely in our column. We are in big heap trouble if we don’t punch them in the nose in 2016.

    1. Be of good cheer, for though Hillary may get elected President and the Federal Courts are hostile to gun rights, I think national trends are still favoring us.

      Oh, yeah it will be a very bad time to be living in a Blue State as gunnies there will get unmercifully hammered. But look at the long term trends in all the States.

      The political and economic model favored by the Democrats is collapsing. The tension between examples like California and Texas are becoming impossible to ignore.

      Hillary is likely to have one of the most unpopular and scandal tinged administrations in history, to say nothing of the probability of dealing with an Obama recession.

      Crime is spiking in sanctuary cities where BLM holds sway, while Constitutional Carry States see no adverse effects from loosening gun restrictions.

      1. Be of good cheer, for though Hillary may get elected President and the Federal Courts are hostile to gun rights, I think national trends are still favoring us.

        Overall yes, but that’s mostly because the good states are getting better. There’s a very real risk that we lose several more states, with no recourse, if we keep losing elections.

  4. Here’s a link to one real Christian on the election:

    I personally don’t believe that any Christian should vote for any candidate, R or D. From what I see, more of us are coming around to that view. We have voted for the lesser of two evils in the past, but no longer. Our church used to encourage voters, but this year, nothing.

    My wife and I dropped our NRA memberships several months ago because of their support/toleration for lifestyles that we oppose. We’ve also told a few candidates that we supported in the past that there will be no donations this year, no volunteering, no GOTV efforts. SOCONs aren’t wanted by the GOP, then we don’t want the GOP.

    1. My wife and I dropped our NRA memberships several months ago because of their support/toleration for lifestyles that we oppose.

      So gun rights isn’t really a top issue for you then?

      Personally, the fact that Trump isn’t really a SoCo is almost enough to make we support him, if he wasn’t bat shit crazy.

    2. SOCONs aren’t wanted by the GOP, then we don’t want the GOP.

      Bye, Felicia. There are countries in the Middle East where you might fit in better. No Magic Sky Baby, but they still have backwards ideas about who decides how people should live.

      FWIW, if the NRA was pushing that social conservative nonsense, I would never have joined.

      And if you’re not afraid to have your worldview shattered, read on. Ok, good. The Earth isn’t 6000 years old. In fact, I have it on good authority that it may be two or even THREE times as old. Better let that sink in a little before attempting any snake handling or praying the gay out of your preacher.

    3. Don, the funniest thing is listening to Sebastian and Mike claiming to love the Constitution while despising the moral system that birthed it. None so blind….

      1. The moral system that birthed it was one of individual liberty. By dominionist standards most of our founders were not moral people.

      2. I couldn’t care less who someone bumps uglies with, so long as everyone is a consenting adult. Speaking of none so blind, how can someone on the one hand (presumbly?) cherish freedom while at the same time wanting to take it away from people who their book of iron age fairy tales disagrees with?

        Or how about (presumbly?) looking down on Sharia while at the same time saying how totally, totally cool it would be to mold our own society more on the Christian spellbook? (For giggles, see the magic abortion spell in Numbers 5:11-31) (Also, the Bible totally, totally condones abortion) And isn’t the definition of marriage the union of one man and one OR MORE women in that same book btw? Anyway, if you want to live according to the teachings of Harry Potter, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or (presumbly?) Magic Sky Baby, more power to you. But it has nothing to do with gun rights.

        About the only thing that would make me drop support for a pro-gun politician is them bible-thumping. No bible thumper was nominated for president by any political party. A bunch ran, yet they were all soundly rejected. In fact, I’m not sure ANY of the nominees are religious. If I were superstitious, I’d say that god has spoken.

  5. I’m rather heartened that all the blood spilled in the last year doesn’t seem to have increased public support for gun control.

    Yeah, the election won’t be decided on gun-control because there is no anti-gun vote. People care about things like the economy instead, or changing direction in Washington.

    Even so the pro-gun voter will likely make a difference in some places. Heck, a lot of the swing states are pretty gun friendly places and I can’t see the draconian anti-gun policies of the Democratic Party helping them carry those States for Hillary.

  6. The gun issue may not be playing a predominate role, but I think we can see it playing a role here in Pennsylvania.

    I heard today that McGinty is now polling above Toomey. Not by a lot, but just by the amount I would expect from gun owners who haven’t forgotten his sell-outs.

    But gun owners hitched their star to the Republican Party, without too much regard to any other direction the party was heading. This year it arrived where it could be seen heading all along, and now oh, holy shit!

    Why didn’t somebody warn us, huh?

  7. With their wackadoo, gun control loony, Hillary leading the charge for any and all gun control, the left has really put their foot in it for this election. If we can’t hold them now, we’re done. The Supreme Court will reverse Heller and McDonald, and it will be open season on us for any and all restrictions that they can come up with, anywhere in the US.

    1. The courts won’t overturn Heller and McDonald that quickly after writing them. What will happen is that AWBs will be allowed to stand. If you think about it, that’s worse than a handgun ban. When the rubber meets the road, it’s the rifles you’re going to need, not the handguns.

    1. That’s going to be a laugh for my ILA friends over in Fairfax, VA.

      They say it’s always nice to see internet blowhards tell them how they really feel. How they keep their cool is a constant lesson in personal discipline and bearing.

      Obviously, I do not share their patience.

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