Getting Ready for Houston

We are getting ready to head to the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, which are in Houston this year. I was originally planning on driving, because I swore never again to fly the TSA skies, but looking at having to spend 4 days driving for 4 days in Houston didn’t thrill me either, and I didn’t really want to take that much time off work right now. So after some quick calculations that showed driving was actually more expensive, I decided to break down and get plane tickets.

We usually do some coverage of the convention, though we don’t walk the floor as much these days. But there’s still always one or two near things on the floor. If you’re headed to Houston, and have never been to an Annual Meeting, be sure to stop by the Miniature Arms Society’s booth. You can see my coverage from previous years, and I always make it a stop.

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  1. Keep an eye on our Pinterest widget on the right. I plan on uploading lots of fun stuff that I’ll go back and edit with links to the appropriate groups or companies.

    For those of you on Facebook, I also have the appropriate apps to hopefully post some interesting photos from the floor and other events during the weekend.

  2. I’m not sure what airline you are taking. I flew Southwest into Houston- Hobby yesterday. I had never flown them before nor had ever checked a firearm in my baggage. I can’t say enough about how easy they made it to do so.

    I look forward to seeing both of you in Houston.

  3. For whatever its worth, I had a very good experience flying with guns on US Airways last fall. Normally I hate US Air, but their staff (at least at PIT and PHX) were very professional, and knew exactly what to do. They even escorted me to the First Class line when I asked for assistance in PHX, bypassing what looked to be a 30 minute wait for the regular coach-class folk.

  4. My wife refuses to fly with me since I show up at the checkers in my kilt, worn traditional style, loudly announcing I’m here for my prostate exam.

  5. Any Member who hasn’t been to an annual meeting/convention is missing out. Several friends & I attended in 2004 at Pittsburg and had a ball. As one friend said, “It’s really neat being among 50,000 people who think just like you on guns”. Of course, attendance is far more than 50,000 anymore.

    Best of all, your Membership card is your ticket of admission.

    We got to hear Dick Cheney speak, FWIW: And, I scored an interview with a reporter from the LA Times, was even quoted in his article.

  6. Thomas,
    Not everyone is within easy driving distance. The conventions tend to be held in cities East of the Mississippi, as that gets them within 500 miles of the greatest share of the Membership. Or so I’ve heard.

    Indianapolis, IN is the site in 2014, Nashville, TN in 2015. Make your plans now.

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