Crime Down During NRA Convention

I’m going to wrap up my convention coverage this weekend. I want to post a little more on the law seminar, and I have one more report from the floor to do. But right now NRA is releasing that the City of Charlotte noticed a 45% drop in crime from the same week last year when the NRA convention was in town, despite the fact that if you dropped the NRA Annual Meeting into the middle of Podunk, it would have been North Carolina’s 10th largest city.

4 Responses to “Crime Down During NRA Convention”

  1. Old NFO says:

    But…but…there was SUPPOSED to be blood in the streets… :-)

  2. Dannytheman says:

    If the NRA extended this convention to 5 days, we would be requested by Police Chiefs to come to NY, Chicago or Philly!!
    We could seriously lower there death rate for that week.

    This is great information!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Clearly the lowered crime was because of the added burden of posting police officers everywhere to prevent all those armed NRA wackos from murdering everybody who gave them the stink eye because of the NRA bosses and the wild dangerous insurrectionist rhetoric they spew that drives their mindless followers into brain-dead, bullet-fueled, blood-drenched, orphan-mangling, nun-gunning, loaded, hidden, semiautomatic high-capacity .50 caliber assault weapon slaughterfests!

  4. Diomed says:

    Eagerly awaiting that rundown of the law seminars.


  1. “Blood will run in the streets of Charlotte! Wait, What do you mean less crime?” - [...] Hat Tip to Sebastian [...]