On The Floor – Around

Some pics from around the floor: was pretty packed on Saturday.  This is a view of the exhibit floor.  The NRA News booth is in the middle, where Cam and his crew reside, and were simulcasting the convention. course Barrett had a very popular booth.   I didn’t see Ronnie himself around, but Lots of folks were taking his literature.  I think most of us will just have to pretend we can afford
his products. River Arms was showing off a lot of their AR product. like the P90.   The PS90, I’m not sure about.   If I were going to go for one, I think I’d rather just get the SBR version and go through all the NFA stuff.   To me the beauty of this personal defense weapon is putting a lot of firepower in a very compact package.   Once you get rid of the compact, it’s just a rifle with a small caliber underpowered cartridge that takes forever to locate where the chamber is, and is still hard to check even when you find it.

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