Madigan Asks for Extended Time

The State of Illinois has filed an application with the Supreme Court to extend the deadline for filing a Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court of the United States. Ordinarily, they would have until May 23 to file, but they are asking for it to be extended to June 24. What does this mean? Who knows. It’s hard to say whether they intend to file, and have just waited too long, or whether they are playing games and using delaying tactics. The extension request can be found here.

8 thoughts on “Madigan Asks for Extended Time”

  1. They will likely file. To ask for an extension and not file would be bad form before SCOTUS. The other thought is, however, is that this is a ploy to force pro CCW side to compromise for a bill that has may (no) issue for Chicago and Cook. “Pass our bill now, make your down state constiuents happy, and don’t risk losing before SCOTUS”

    Unfortunately, she will likely get the extension, which brings us past the June 9 deadline. Expect her to file for a “stay” that she will also likely get. This doesnt mean scotus will accept the case, however.

  2. It is a delay tactic.

    It is a knife fight next door (I am in Indiana) over the new carry law.

  3. They think they’ve got a ‘gotcha’ that can delay it into the election season and they can try and promote carry as dangerously as possible.

  4. SCOTUS Rule 13(5) says “An application to extend the time to file a petition for a writ of certiorari is not favored.”

    She can try, but these applications require “good cause” and asking for the supremes to review the cases out there, which is what they would do with a cert petition, is not good cause. Good cause would be a bill will be voted upon right around the time their appeal is due, but since Pops Madigan is farting around, screw them

    -Dirk Diggler

  5. As far as I’ve been following…

    1) Messr Madigan (Lisa’s dad, the House Speaker) tried to ram a may-issue bill through loaded with bad amendments and failed.
    2) Messr Madigan then tried to ram through a two-tiered bill with a separate “may issue” regime for Chicago. That failed.
    3) A clean shall issue bill, #997, was up and looked like it had the votes to pass and overrule Home Rule for Chicago. At the 11th hour, Speaker Madigan closed the floor and kicked all non-government officials (including the very effective NRA lobbyist, Todd Vandermyde) out. Reps from the Speaker, the Gov, and the Mayor of Chicago’s office then twisted arms and barely managed to kill #997. The House is Dead in the Water.
    4) Meanwhile, in the Illinois Senate, the Chicago Machine has been trying to find a GOP member or downstate Dem to play the role of “Toomey.” They drafted, in secret (no lobbyist contact or committee markup) a really heinous antigun bill.

    It looks like they want to drag their feet as much as possible in hopes that something sticks in their legislative tactics. I think Chicago is hoping to be able to get a crappy “may issue” bill through their Senate on the new track which emerged in public over the last week which would then put the House onto the hot plate, or try to whip up enough votes to attach a poisonous AWB or mag ban or something.

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