Bug-a-Salt Review

Uncle did far more thorough testing with his Bug-a-Salt than I did. I did not try it on bees, for instance. I did try it on stink bugs, and found that stink bugs are pretty hardy. With my unit, I would often find it would often dewing flies, requiring follow up shots to put it out of its misery. But it is fun.

One thought on “Bug-a-Salt Review”

  1. I got mine through the Indiegogo program to get the money to make them. haven’t killed any bugs yet because only the past couple of days have finally warmed up and the bugs aren’t out yet.

    In the review he mentions using Kosher salt. There are two main brands and the salt grains are quite different from each other in shape and in weight for a given volume.

    From the linked piece it would seem that Morton kosher salt would give a heavier shot and would be sturdier than Diamond Crystal.

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