Shooting the E-Postal

Tonight I took my Mk.III Hunter to the range to shoot the e-postal match for this month, after screwing up the rules the other night, and shooting 20 rounds at the flies.  Tonight I was shooting better anyway, so it all worked out.

For the bullseye targets, I loaded two at a time.  First two shots were so spot on, I thought I had missed the target clean somehow, wondering if my sights had gotten knocked way off center.  I didn’t manage to reproduce that feat again, but I managed the 9 ring on the initial shot 3 other times.  My follow up shots tend to be not as good, which I attribute to not taking enough time between shots.  Bullseye target score 84.

E-Postal 03-2008 1st Target (Small)E-Postal 03-2008 2nd Target (Small)

For the flies, I did 7 out of 10.  Trick was being slow and deliberate.  I loaded no more than one round at a time into the my Ruger Mk.III to force myself to not rush.  Hung on the target good and long until movements dropped down, then broke the trigger.  Jerked at the last minute on three of them, but such is life.  Grand total score of 91 out of 110 possible.

Ruger Mk.III Hunter 22/45

I’m using a factory gun.  I think the Mk.III could stand to have a lighter trigger.  I’m also using a cheap chinese no-name holosight on top, which gets the job done, but has issues with distorting the zero if you don’t have the dot right in the middle of the glass.  It also enjoys drifting from zero, which is obnoxious.

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