Another Blogger Gets a Bug-a-Salt

I got one a few months ago, and suffer from the same problem as Uncle; there are few bugs around in winter. But I’ve had a few flies. Rumors on the Internet that it doesn’t have decent fly killing power is unfortunately true. If you shoot it at your hand, it smarts a bit, so it’s a testament to how strong a fly’s exoskeleton really is. Thinking some larger shot would help, I decided to try kosher salt instead of regular table salt, and I found that de-winged the fly pretty well, but it still look a few follow up “Die, bastard fly! Die!” shots to finish him off. I have not yet tried it on stink bugs, but I’ve seen none around the house. I need to take it to work, where we have plenty.

4 thoughts on “Another Blogger Gets a Bug-a-Salt”

  1. Have you tried it with #12 lead shot? You could get enough to try by taking apart a couple .22 RF birdshot cartridges.

  2. You do know that every stink bug you kill attracts others, right? That stench actually attracts other stink bugs…….

    1. That’s a common myth. See here:

      Will killing the brown marmorated stink bug attract more?

      No. While this is true for some types of insects it does not occur with the brown marmorated stink bug.

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