Arrived This Morning: Bug-A-Salt

A new gun arrived this morning:

Yes, it’s the Bug-A-Salt gun, loaded up and ready to go. Due to the lack of targets currently available, I am unable to offer a proper review at this time of its intended function, but I can offer first impressions. After experiencing the blast on my hand, and checking out the pattern on some aluminum foil, I feel it shoots with enough force to kill a fly. The real test will come when one gets into the house.

But-a-Salt Gun SightsThe Bug-A-Salt feels like it’s pretty solidly built. It’s not at all flimsy, and the “magazine” or salt reservoir cap fits on tightly enough you won’t worry about it popping open and pouring salt everywhere.

Fit and finish leave a bit to be desired. The yellow part is painted, and somewhat unevenly, but it looks good enough, and if it gets the job done, that’s all that matters. The pop up sights are really only for fun, given you have both front and rear notches that don’t facilitate more than a crude aim, but given the pattern of the salt spread, and the distances it’s intended to be used at, I don’t think you really need sights. Trigger pull is heavy, and requires disengaging the safety first, which resets after every shot.

I will follow up later with function tests, on both flies and stinkbugs. Our office is infested with stinkbugs, so it may get quite a bit of testing there.

19 thoughts on “Arrived This Morning: Bug-A-Salt”

  1. Now that’s an As-Salt weapon!

    When I saw these advertised a few months ago I almost took the plunge and pre-ordered one, but then realized that was a lot of $$$ for a Fly-Swatter :)

  2. Are they planning a full-auto version, that (e.g.) shoots a continuous stream of salt powered by compressed gas?

  3. I got one too but mine didn’t work from the second I opened it. Very disappointed and the company isn’t returning my calls or emails so far. Glad yours is working at least. I wouldn’t recommend this considering mine was broken from the start.

    1. Leveler,
      We apologize that your issue was not addressed in a timely fashion. Back when we launched our pre-sale campaign in July 2012, there were only 3 people on our team handling the hundreds of emails that came in DAILY! We’ve come a long way since then; our team has grown to about 10 dedicated employees, and we are much more organized in our ways of communicating with our customers. We appreciate all the support and understanding from our original pre-sale campaigners, we wouldn’t be here without you guys!

      If you or anyone you know is having any troubles with the gun, please don’t hesitate to call the Broken Guns Department at 310-392-3288! Or you can email your request to Please log onto our website to review our return policy.

      Hope this helps! Happy fly hunting :)

  4. I love it. Looking forward to the ‘typical ammo comparison’ in your full review. Inexpensive table salt for practice, gourmet/specialty/kosher salts for various pests, and will there be an iodide controversy?

  5. Hmm, got me thinking, you ever use the shot capsules in a 44 mag?

    Wonder if I loaded it with salt instead of shot what it would do???

    Oh, and BTW, do you know the stink bug smell that smashing one creates actually attracts other stinkbugs?
    As soon as you kill the first one more will come, sux don’t it?

  6. Got mine early. Flies, well they are usually a one shot one kill target. I have some spiders that deem it necessary to invade the house to escape the cold, and they take about two or three close shots. Still is fun though.

    It is really neat to shoot the gun into a sheet of aluminum foil to see the pattern at different distances. After about two months and a half of shooting, the pump action is feeling ‘gritty’. The real problem with it is once you have it in your hand you have to clear your house completely of invaders.

    Oh, and don’t do as I did and shoot your bare foot. I did it at a range of about three feet and it did not feel good. Red splotches went away in about an hour. No penetration.

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