I’d Say This Sums Up the Obama Presidency

Good at campaigning, bad at governing:

President Obama is a good campaigner. He won the big one twice and effectively made Republicans question their electoral existence. He also has shown once again, by not effectively managing his own agenda, that he has no appetite for governing.

Nothing proved that more than his approach to gun-control legislation …

It takes more than delivering a good speech from a teleprompter to get legislation done. In this late round with gun control, we’ve benefitted from a few things:

  1. We’ve legitimately shifted the culture.
  2. Barry doesn’t have the money to buy votes that Bill Clinton did.
  3. Barry isn’t nearly as good at governing as Clinton was.

6 thoughts on “I’d Say This Sums Up the Obama Presidency”

  1. I forget who said it, but his entire political career consists basically of:
    – Campaign, get elected
    – Piddle around for a few years
    – Get bored
    – Run for higher office
    – Repeat

    The question for him is, now that he’s no longer eligible for the highest office in the land, what now?

  2. His only position which had feedback was community organizer, where he was backed by the Chicago machine. Outside of that, he has had no backing at getting anything done, only backing at getting elected.

    His actions as President are that of someone with ideas, but no experience in implementing them or feedback on what actually works, and an expectation that someone else will take care of the details.

    He’s a petty whining lazy bureaucrat.

  3. I’m sure it saddens Ms Zito that the man she voted for is such a disappointment.

    1. Do you even read her? I wouldn’t be so presumptive about her likely votes. I actually follow her on Twitter, and I don’t see that kind of attitude at all. I admit that I didn’t read her work or follow her during the election, so maybe she did publicly declare her vote for Obama, but her tweets sure as hell don’t read that way.

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