Gun Owners Continue Owning Guns & Won’t Help Gun Control Groups or Assist in Promoting Partisan Agenda

That absurdly long headline sums up the contents of this UPI article.

I kid you not, there’s an entire piece running documenting the complaint of a single “Democratic political consultant” who supports gun control about how gun rights groups aren’t helping her to pass her partisan agenda.

“We have to balance the right to bear arms with the right to be safe. A gun giveaway right now inflames emotions and does not help us achieve that goal.”

How is this considered news? Would it make headlines that I did not assist the Brady Campaign in their effort to ban guns that I shoot? Is it now a major news story that I am not offering my services to Mike Bloomberg’s MAIG coalition to keep people who have no criminal record from owning guns? I mean I don’t do these things every day. I didn’t realize that it was somehow newsworthy.

9 thoughts on “Gun Owners Continue Owning Guns & Won’t Help Gun Control Groups or Assist in Promoting Partisan Agenda”

  1. Even more heinous, these dastardly gun-giveaway-ers are accused of being ‘insensitive’. Fine by me- I don’t have any pressing need to be ‘sensitive’ to your hurt feelings. You know what’s sensitive? Cavities- and thats about how I feel about the administration’s agenda. A rotting hole that is depriving my use of Constitutional teeth, brought about by to much sugar-coating and a failure to brush these dingbats away regularly.

  2. Funny they think it’s news that we won’t hel[ the Antis advance their agenda but you will NEVER read a MSM article about how their idea of compromise it “give us what we want, then be ready to give more. AND BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!”

    1. I wonder if I can get them to print a story about how a Brady Campaign fundraising event isn’t giving money to train new shooters & isn’t helping us accomplish our agenda. But, as you point out, my agenda is not “give me, give me, give me because you owe me,” so I wouldn’t expect them to be contributing to support my personal agenda.

  3. This sort of attitude to me shows that their tactics continue to be just as annoying and emotionally driven as before and will continue to influence no one. Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. In other “news,” GLAAD isn’t helping NOM pass legislation against same-sex marriages. And, darn it, same-sex couples getting married while we’re in the middle of a national debate is insensitive to those who want to deny them that right!

  5. The ‘reasonable’ gun control being pushed and pushed again is part of the UN Agenda 21 plan. America must be disarmed. This plan is not going to stop and in fact has only begun. There will be no relenting and piece by piece the UN will work to disarm America.

    The opponets of freedom have no respect for your rights or liberty, the Billof Rights or the constituion and will do whatever they can to acheive it.

    The outcome of all gun control is evil, just look at history in Russia, China and other countries that disarmed its population. Think it can’t happen here you have not read Imam Obama’s favorite author Bill ‘the bomber’ Ayres book Prairie Fire. I suggest you look it up and read a few chapters, that is why is in store for America once it is disarmed.

    1. Same here, I always thought the right to bear arms was the right to be safe!

      And what about those Brady people not helping to roll back Un-Constitutional 2nd Amendment restrictions?
      Is that not at least equally news worthy?

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