How Obama Loses

Great article on Politico about how the more Obama wins, the more he loses:

The problem is that he and his West Wing turn out to be not especially good at politics, or communications — in other words, largely ineffective at the very things on which their campaign reputation was built. And the promises he made in two years of campaigning turn out to be much less appealing as actual policies.

The big problem Obama has is that he knows how to give a speech from a teleprompter. That’s his real talent. He is unskilled in politics. Truth is I don’t see him as capable of reinventing his presidency, as Clinton did after 1994. In addition, my friends in DC say the Democrats are demoralized, a sentiment also echoed in this article:

Many Democrats on the Hill don’t much like Obama, or at least his circle of advisers. They think the White House makes them take tough votes, but doesn’t care that much about the problems those votes leave politicians facing in tough races in 2010. Numerous Democrats have complained privately that Obama only cares about Obama — a view reinforced by Gibbs’s public admission that Democrats could lose the House.

By 2012, the White House may have few friends left. This is good for us because we desperately need to make him a one termer if we’re going to preserve the gains we’ve made recently in the courts.

5 thoughts on “How Obama Loses”

  1. Why do you think they want to ram the DISCLOSE act down our throats. Them have not ONCE listened to the public opinion on ANYTHING they have done unless it the people who think exactly like them. They want a way to protect there seats come Novemeber. DISCLOSE does that in a way. Sure it doesn’t pass costituional muster but they only need it for 4-5 months.

    You don’t think they will come up with an ever more devious bill to pass by 2012 to keep obama in power or at least try to silence any who oppose him. Remember his “truth squads” in swing states?

  2. If somethink like Disclose gets passed, what is to stop people and companies from ignoring the law and airing political ads anyway? That’s not a rhetorical question, but a real one.

  3. DISCLOSE *died* though. It looks like the Senate Dems have decided that the flag of Hope and Change is not one that they want to make a last stand under…

    And that bodes badly for Obama.

  4. The problem may be that Obama takes his party for granted. I truly get the impression that when his partisans risk their necks on extremely controversial legislation, Obama’s thought is “What, you want a pat on the head for doing the right thing?” It’s how he seems to see his entire presidency: he’s reasonable and he’s right, so once he displays his brilliance to the world then the only reason anyone might oppose him is because they’re stupid (and don’t understand) or evil (and are racist, corrupt, etc.). Because he’s utterly convinced that he’s right, he sees no reason to compromise or even to reward loyalty. If you cause a problem, you get thrown under the bus. After all, you gotta break a few eggs if you’re going to make an omelet.

    Now, if you’re Jesus Christ Himself, you’ve got the necessary bona fides to pull that kind of stunt because you know, not just to a reasonable certainty but to an absolute and objective certainty, that you’re right. Even so, we see Jesus constantly taking the time to help others understand and to show mercy, even though He clearly had a right to go all Deus Irae had he wanted.

    Obama, however, has none of that humility. Once you’ve outlived your usefulness, you gotta go. Putting your neck on the line is just doing your duty and isn’t particularly commendable. Lying is okay because the ends justify the means. If only people would smarten up and stop giving in to their base, clingy instincts, we’d have hope and change and be the change we want to see in the world. There’d be no nukes, no war, no injustice. The waters will have stopped rising and the world will begin to heal.

    I can see now why Democrats are starting to think they should have run Hillary.

  5. Those democraps can FOAD afaic. They may say they don’t “like” him but they will continue to vote for his socialist/commuist agenda until they are dead or voted out of offfice. And frankly the former looks like a more fix reliable then the latter…

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