Failing Grade

Via Dave Hardy, we have this fun article from The Hill:

President Barack Obama received a failing grade this year from The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence on Monday .

The Brady Campaign blasted the president, whom the group endorsed in 2008, for not having taken significant steps to advance gun control laws.

“It’s been a very disappointing year for us, especially considering what he campaigned on,” the group’s president, Paul Helmke, said during an appearance on MSNBC. “This year they ran away from the issue, and actually signed two repeals of good gun legislation.”

I’ll be honest, I think they are being a bit hard on Barry. It’s not like we weren’t careful to ensure these provisions were attached to must-pass legislation he really couldn’t have vetoed. It’s also not like Congress is in the mood to take up gun control, even if Barry wanted to. If the Bradys want someone to be mad at it ought to be Rahm, who is the one who orchestrated the Democrats’ return to power using moderate Democrats who were more sensitive to the sensibilities and temperament of their local districts. They are the reason the President is painted into a corner on this issue.

But I can also see why they are disappointed. They probably thought they were backing another Clinton. Even better, a candidate who hated guns even more than Clinton. But when Bill wasn’t busy playing “hide the cigar” with his female interns, he was busy fighting culture wars. Obama doesn’t seem to have any interest in culture war issues, probably because he’s way too focused on making the entire economy a ward of the state. Culture wars are for later, you see. Clinton was just ahead of his time.

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