The Inconsistency of the Left on Big Money

Like people everywhere who ride political hobby horses, big money is condemned when it’s coming from the right, but suddenly, they go silent when Bloomberg dumps millions of his own dollars into gun control. I think free speech is important enough that I would never argue government ought to be used to silence Bloomberg, anyone else, or even corporations, by restricting the money they can spend on hawking their message to the public. I’ll gladly help use our own speech to tie the gun control issue to an obnoxious, meddling, wealthy plutocrat who also happens to be Mayor of New York City and watch it sink like a stone in most of America.

I strongly disagree with the author on the matter of speech suppressing laws under the guise of campaign finance reform, but I at least hand it to him for being consistent.

4 thoughts on “The Inconsistency of the Left on Big Money”

  1. Bloomberg is an old fat out of touch rich white guy who has no idea what is going on in America

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