Big Money Going to Maine Ballot Fight

Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg is dumping 3 million into the ballot fight we have going in Maine. I appreciate that the Associated Press was kind enough to note:

“Two gun safety groups in Maine are getting more than $3 million from a nonprofit backed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in preparation for a big gun control measure on the November ballot.”

The were jerks to call them “gun safety groups” instead of “gun control groups,” but they did note that this is Bloomberg’s effort, and that this is a gun control measure. Everytown has gone to great lengths to try to push money man behind the scenes, and shake off the image that this is meddling by a New York City billionaire. Don’t let them get away with it. Make sure everyone knows what this is, and that this fight is not actually about background checks.

3 thoughts on “Big Money Going to Maine Ballot Fight”

  1. This background check referendum by Bloomberg is being vigorously opposed by the grassroots in Maine, but we have no money.

    Bloomberg and his referendum proponents have the money, but not the grassroots.

    Classic “David (opponents) vs. Goliath (proponents)” political battle.

    (My money is on David).

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