Democrats Making the Right Tough Choice

The Hill notes:

The Senate’s upcoming vote on the assault weapons ban is going to put vulnerable Democrats in a difficult spot.

Democrats facing tough reelection races will either attract the ire of the National Rifle Association or prominent gun control activists such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I). A vote against the ban could spark primary challenges that could weaken Democrats in the general election.

I’m pleased to report another Senate Democrat is standing with us: Mark Pryor of Arkansas:

The votes have not yet been cast, but I’m willing to thank Democrats who stand with the Bill of Rights and thwart Bloomberg and the White House. I think they will find they have made a wise choice, and I just hope they don’t get taken out by the Democrats sullying their brand by embracing gun control. Especially Pryor who is in one of the states targeted by Bloomberg:

Some of those states are kind of laughable, but I think he’s playing the long game. Our response need to be to educate as many people as possible that the billionaire Mayor of New York (or former Mayor, as he will soon become) is behind this, and meddling in their state. States like North Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana don’t take kindly to the meddling Yankees, and I doubt the Mayor of New York City is a popular figure in many of those other states too. People don’t like plutocrats, and plutocrat ought to be the albatross we hang from Bloomberg’s neck.

14 thoughts on “Democrats Making the Right Tough Choice”

  1. I am from Arkansas. Mark Pryor is not “with” anybody except Mark Pryor. He bends with whatever wind he thinks will get him re-elected.

    You mean he’s a politician?

  2. Funny how nobody on the left is complaining about all this money being spent on campaign ads. I thought that was the devil!?!

    Doesn’t matter how we get him- whether its by convincing him we will vote him out, that we are right, or that he doesn’t want to seen being controlled by outsiders.

  3. BTW, this is a great quote from that article:

    Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, warned that Democrats who vote against the assault weapons ban could depress liberal turnout in the 2014 midterm election.
    “With guns, it will be a major election issue for Democrats. Opposing strong gun laws could mean depressing their base, which in the off year would be a very bad idea,” Green said.

    Wait, so you’re telling me that instead of rallying and voting against those who vote against gun control, they’ll stay home? Does anybody seriously think that would be the case on our side? Well, just look at the rally sizes and you’ll have your answer.

    1. That’s a damned good point. I kind of just read that without really processing the implication. But yeah, that’s telling isn’t it? Personally, I think this is prepping the media space for what the narrative will be if this latest gun control push lights the Democratic majority in the Senate on fire. It’s the Democrats and progressive’s version of “Well, he lost because he wasn’t conservative enough.”

  4. Does Bloomberg have kids? You have to wonder how they feel about their inheritance being squandered on these crusades.

    1. I thought he was part of that Billionaire’s pact to donate 90% of their money before they die. That sucks for us. All that hope of the Bradys going bankrupt is a pipe dream.

      1. He’s not going to use that money to fund the Brady Center or Brady Campaign when he has his own money. The Brady organization, CSGV, and VPC particularly are now all pretty much irrelevant. MAIG and Bloomberg’s foundations and PACs are the real threat.

  5. No money for Alaska. I’m sure Begich’s people told Bloomy to stay out of it in no uncertain terms. Mark has a decent chance at reelection but not with any high-profile Dem endorsements. He needs to be seen as “mavericky” to survive. (to adapt another Alaskan politician’s phrase)

  6. Huh. Does that make Bloomie a carpetbagger?

    I didn’t win the lottery so I could launch my own counter anti-MAIG campaign. If your gonna blow it all, making Bloomie look silly would be a good way.

  7. Bloomberg and his money is changing the issue from being about gun control into being about Mike Bloomberg. This guy is shaping up into what might very well be our first real 21st American would be totalitarian ruler. He’s obsessed with banning guns, his Nanny State health laws ban large sodas, trans fats and smoking just about anywhere. On a more sinister side, something that those outside of the New York area may not have heard of, Bloomberg fanatically defends the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy where the cops stop and pat down young men without probable cause. These young men are overwhelmingly Black and Hispanic. When challenged about the constitutionality of such a policy, Bloomberg claims no one should complain because it keeps the crime rate low. Additionally, the NYPD, under Bloomberg had a program of actively spying on Muslims outside of NYC (mostly in N.J.) Whether you agree or disagree with the wisdom of spying on Muslims who might potentially be active supporters of al Qaeda, remember this was not the FBI, nor any Federal Agency tasked with national security, it was a municipal police department paying undercover officers to go out of state to spy on U.S. citizens. Bloomberg’s defense was that the NYPD had a duty to “keep the country safe.” (Really, it’s a city P.D.)

    Most politicians will at least pay lip service to the Constitution, not Bloomberg, to this guy it’s a bit of meaningless 18th century ephemera.

  8. Hopefully the republicans will field a strong candidate here as they did in 2010 and we will not have to worry about Mr. Pryor.

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