Gun Control Debate Still Going in Colorado

I’ve been following Dave Kopel’s Twitter feed to keep up to date. I do have to say the GOP is keeping the faith in Colorado, and pulling out all the stops. The Magazine ban has been laid over on a technicality, and we’re now moving on to the campus carry ban.

UPDATE: Campus Carry ban is effectively dead.

UPDATE: Mag ban passes 18-17 by a voice vote, but voting is not over, as Dave Kopel mentions, “Obama and Bloomberg rule the Colorado Legislature.” The Democrats must be punished in Colorado. Severely. I will be following the 2014 races there closely. Any loss of freedom anywhere diminishes us all.

Hickenlooper is also up, and won last time because the Republican Party was in shambles. He can’t count on that in 2014. It’s time for Coloradans to take their legislature back from the interlopers in DC and New York.

UPDATE: Assault weapons ban dead.

UPDATE: Kopel: “Republicans fighting like Alamo defenders. Just tried again to defeat #magban on Comm of the Whole Report.” also “Repubs now fighting again to remove govt loophole from #magban. Laws should apply equally” Hey, if they are only for mass murder, why to the police need them?

UPDATE: If it’s not about crime control, then what is it about? She knows the answer to that, and so do we.

UPDATE: I’m told that the final vote has not been taken yet on the gun control measures. A formal recorded vote will happen Monday, so there’s still time to get calling and harass lawmakers.

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  1. The final vote Monday on HB1224 (Mag cap at 15), HB1228 (CBI check fee), and HB1229 (background check on all transfers).

    Still have the weekend to email and call.

  2. I’m so glad the most onerous of these bills was defeated, the campus carry one. That actually endangered people and disempowered people — especially women.

    Part of me is almost glad that these other nasty bills passed in a party-line fashion; the enemy is clearly defined for 2014, and hopefully the transfers bill will cause some pain to hunters and non-involved gun owners so they’ll join us in voting Republican.

    With a few exceptions it’s a partisan battle in Colorado, and (D) is the anti-gun/anti-second amendment party. And that’s sad — I honestly thought we’d gotten past that.

  3. So what… we have conflicting reports on the mag ban passing. Did it or didn’t it?

      1. We have a poster on here that said the final vote is not until Monday.

        1. Apparently it’s a voice vote for 5 of the 7 bills that passed. Final recorded vote is Monday.

          1. This is correct. They passed on the second reading. The third reading and final recorded vote is Monday. WE STILL HAVE TIME!

            For HB1224, they did a counting vote and it moved forward by only one vote.

            Pour it on ’em!

            1. Sheesh. Isn’t it sad that I learned more info about these votes from Ceasefire CO’s live twitter feed than any pro-gun sources?

              1. There were constant updates on the twitter with the #coLeg tag. The forum also had running commentary on the debate. Also, in CO, Senate and House main meetings are carried on The will live stream most committee hearings of interest.

  4. The Democrats in Colorado had some extreme anti-veteran and anti-military comments again, just like “The Honorable” Sen Dianne Feinstein in committee.

    The GOP trap of proposing an exemption for veterans does a good job of bringing out the crazy. We need to do that more, everywhere. I don’t think there should be loopholes for veterans or cops, but I do want to get the Democrats on record with stupid comments about veterans, PTSD, etc.

  5. The reason these bills are being pushed now and as fast as possible is because it will be nearly 2 years before the next elections and the Dems are counting on everyone forgetting what happened in the meantime.

    The Republicans here are in such poor shape that they would have a hard time defeating Hugo Chavez in the Governors race in 14. There are some very smart people on the Republican side, but the RINOS hold the management positions.

    1. Interesting effect from the 2 year delay will be that any hunting/tourism boycott will have time to take affect. When outfitters don’t get customers and towns/cities/counties don’t get the tax revenue, the real impact will be felt.

      1. Eh. The Dems do not care about destroying the economy. Their next goal in Colorado is to dismantle the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. That can’t be done if people are still working productively. It can only be done if productive people are chased out of the state, and more people can be forced onto the dole. They need to pass a Constitutional amendment to get rid of TABOR after all.

        Besides, DC will cut them a nice kickback for this. I guarantee it.

    2. The trouble is that conventional wisdom on both sides seems of the gun debate seems to have been thrown out the window once sanity has left and the president thinks he has an electoral mandate on every pet issue of the left.

      I believe people WILL remember, and this battle will be going on for the next 2-4 years. Yes, it will suck, yes there will be burnout. However, as Sebastian has mentioned, this has been a long time coming. The anti-gun left saw absolutely NOTHING but one defeat after another for eight years and nothing to show for their tired whining. Expanded concealed carry, more “shall issue” states, Castle doctrine. The more they push, the more our side seems to be awaking and uniting.

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