Biden Lobbying in Colorado

There’s evidence appearing that the Administration is indeed serious about backing gun control, by the fact that Vice President Biden is out in Colorado drumming up support among Democrats for crapping on your constitutional rights. We are in real trouble in Colorado, and Coloradans all have to stand up and be heard from. More importantly, because the Democrats have screwed you, volunteer for pro-gun candidates in 2014 and teach these folks a lesson.

I never would have figured Colorado, of all places. I would have thought Pennsylvania before Colorado, to be honest. I’ve always thought we’re a more solidly blue state. But one reason we’re not in trouble yet, and I stress yet (don’t count on Republicans, be heard from) is because our House, Senate and Governorship are controlled by the GOP. It might actually be the case that Pennsylvania is more purple than Colorado.

I think it’s incumbent among gun owners everywhere to remember a simple saying, “Don’t get mad, get even.” The 2014 elections will be coming up, and no matter what our legislators do to us, let’s agree to get even.

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  1. If I lived in Colorado right now, I’d be contacting every GOP county or local office in driving distance and giving them a list of Democrats to target. I’d tell them that if they run candidates who are pro-2A in those districts, I’d be there volunteering from the first days of the campaign until the polls close on Election Day 2014. Tell them now so they can try to recruit pro-gun candidates.

  2. Their was a golden opportunity to stop all of this back in 2010 but the republicans picked a limp wristed nobody to be there candidate for governor so instead the state got stuck with a Denver apparatchik. I think now the democrats are going to see there fortunes change in Colorado though, because I believe the state is still basically libertarian on social issues. The only reason they went democrat in the last few cycles was because of Bush and other assorted republican incompetence. 2014 will provide republicans a good chance to use the gun issue, amongst others, to retake the state and hopefully undo some of this idiocy.

    1. The thing is that gun owners need to really get out and work for the change. They need to knock on doors, do literature drops, help put together signs, distribute signs, and all of the many, many actions that help make a campaign.

      There are jobs that even the most grumpy and anti-social people can do, and gun owners need to be willing to step up and do job they would be reasonably good at doing.

  3. Looking at things Nationwide, I’m thinking that with the Re-Election of Obama, all those States who’s House, Senate and Governorship are in the hands of Democrats are doing what they can to Impose Anti-Gun Legislation on their Citizens, or making what they have Worse. Notice that here in Ohio, even though it went to Obama, there’s been NO significant strides towards ANY Gun Control whatsoever. Oh, the Usual Suspects are filing Bills, but they are getting sent straight to the Circular file.

    This might actually be a Good Thing. Now we know who the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing are, and since they’ve decided to use their Political Capitol on Gun Control, IF Free and Fair Elections are held in those States, all those Pols can be looking at the Unemployment Line in a few years. And of course, there’s nothing to say that any Free Citizen has to spend any money in those States. If they want to build a dozen or so East Germanys, let them. The rest of us know what to watch out for.

    Too Bad the Republican Leadership in the Congress can’t Smell the Coffee..

  4. I bailed from CO because (among other reasons) I could see this coming. The Republicans in CO may be a bit dumber and weaker than elsewhere but the real problem is the change in the Democrats. They used to be “Western Democrats” with positive or at least neutral attitudes toward guns. Now with all the in-migration, they might as well be from NY or CA. Actually, lots of them are.

  5. Politicians need to be shown that signing their name on a gun control bill is equivalent to signing a resignation letter.

  6. Part and parcel of what we need to do in 2014 is work to get every state to require voter ID – Obama lost in every state that required voter ID, and won in every state that didn’t.

    We need to bust our butts for 2014, let’s make sure all that work between here and there doesn’t go to waste due to Democrat vote fraud.

  7. I was planning a trip to Colorado next summer. I wrote the governor and told him I was plan to cancel it if their legislation passes. It’s not much, but it’s all I had.

    –Matt R.

  8. Tighten up your immigration laws and border control and keep the Californians out lest you wind up like us.

  9. This may be too much. New York, Colorado, pending disasters in New Jersey, California, Minnesota, Maryland. Not sure if this can be stopped, and even if republicans make gains in these states in 2014, will it be enough to change the laws? Will they have enough votes to override the veto of democratic governors? Will they have the will for it? Very discouraging.

  10. Voters need to be willing to look at civil disobedience as well. There are not enough jails for gun owners. There will be lawsuits. This will have to be stopped.

  11. Hopefully I’ll have a post up going in to more detail sometime soon, but the gist is bloomberg put up the cash, obama put up the campaign. Just like colorado Co was a swing state in the last 2 presidential elections. The dems tried a strategy here that worked for them. This is a continuation of that in a way, just altered to the local level. Add on the cali refugees who didn’t change the way they vote & it’s not hard to figure out what happened here.

    8 years ago our biggest concern was the allegedly pro gun folks passing moderate “reforms” to tweak laws here & there. Now we’re seeing dog & pony shows while they figure out how many rounds we can have in a box with a spring in it. If this works – & it looks like it will – expect the dems to import this strategy anyplace they can. Plus, it’ll be used to drum up support for national efforts, as if even “pro gun, libertarian” colorado can pass gun owner control, then it shouldn’t be a big deal in DC (or so the argument will go).

    In any event, there’s still a chance we can get a few dems to swing our way on Monday. Not much of a chance but enough that it’s worth some phone calls. After that it’ll be a court action (though it’ll still be worth calling senators just for form’s sake). & did I mention this is just HALF of their gun control package? 4 more bills coming up. I hate things being this interesting…

    1. As it stands now … the Dems are as much affected by our massive grass roots effort in Colorado (and we really are showing up in numbers and filling up their voice mail and inboxes and etc.) as the Wisconsin Republicans were affected by all the drum beating and protests around their capital. I’m afraid they’ve been convinced we’re all the same ones who voted against them anyway, and none of their voters will cross over to the “war on women” people to protect their gun rights. And in Wisconsin Republicans were right.

      But I have trouble believing the Dems are correct on this, as we gun rights people did a lot of damage to dems after Clinton’s AWB and pro-gun people are a heck of a lot more diverse now and have a lot bigger numbers. And now it’s OK to be proud of being pro-gun in Colorado, whereas before it was more of a silent majority and serious gun owners were somewhat of pariahs.

      I wonder if Obama knows he’s not going to get anything at the Federal level, so he’s playing hard in some State venues, like Colorado, with the belief that in 2014 he’ll be able to continue to keep these states in the Dem column and prove to everyone that the pro-gun movement is a paper tiger (he’s probably been reading Japete’s blog — or his aides have and have been giving him 3×5 cards on her main points ;-).

      I don’t know if they seriously plan on doing more than they’ve already done (will officially do on Monday) but in any case at this point I think it’s all about 2014. For me … I’m going to find the money to get at least slightly involved in about every election I can. The few hundred $$ or so I send to various statewide races could be a good investment.

  12. Didn’t Colorado just pass CC laws not too long ago???

    What the hell happened out there to change things so quickly?
    (And is it something we can use to change things back?)

  13. Gun-banned UK and almost-no-self-defense Canada and Australia have had violent crime increase since they passed their gun control laws.
    Now, we’ll watch violent crime increase in CO.
    Violent crime is already off the charts in gun-controlled states.
    Just as the Leninist low-information news media never revealed that the Aurora theater was the only gun-free theater within a 20 minute ride of the killer’s house, they will never reveal that gun control laws always create more violent crime.

  14. We passed CCW in 2003 — we had it all ready to pass in 1999 but then Columbine happened and all pro-gun bills were withdrawn.

    As you look at what they’re doing, though, look at who they’re NOT hitting: CCW holders.

    Yes, they are passing a “campus carry” law, BUT as it stands now it only affects buildings. While I don’t like this, this is better than it was, because now I can at least walk or drive through University property without being arrested. Since most students are 21 and rarely go into university buildings this won’t affect a lot of people.

    They also raised the mag ban limit to 15 to include most handguns and are being careful not to really damage the average CCW holder with their one law that affects CCW. They are clearly not prepared to mess with CCW holders, who are actually a large voting block because nearly 100% of us do vote, and that is smart of them, because there are a lot of Democrat CCW holders.

    Shall-issue CCW is the smartest thing we on the pro-gun side have done. It draws a line that will be hard for the Democrats to cross, though I have no doubt they want to if they can. While I hate being pushed back to this line, at least there IS a line. If not for CCW I think you’d see a lot more serious attacks on handgun ownership and Heller be damned …

  15. I disagree. Primarily cause this set of 4 bills (plus 1 that went kinda unnoticed before that) is only half the gun owner control package. The second half includes (but ain’t limited to) a bill that tightens up the qualifications for a carry permit. No actual bills yet, so all I have is the working titles & a brief description of what they do.

    They’re not worried about permit holders. They upped it to 15 to make sure some on-the-fence dems could get behind it, whereas they felt shaky about 10 being the magic number. I’m really surprised no dems (that I’ve heard) have mentioned this bill was approved by Bill Ruger Sr. In any case, it wasn’t permit holders as much as it was to appear reasonable. They can drop it to 7.5 rounds later.

    & aside from 2 points, the May Issue law the Shall Issue law replaced was pragmatically better. The only way a carry permit system is a good thing is if it’s a step towards a permitless system, & a lot of the opponents of constitutional carry here have been permit holders & instructors. But all that is secondary now.

    The dems aren’t worried about permit holders – they’re worried about being primaried with Darth Bloomberg’s credit card. He even sent his apprentice – Darth Biden – to keep track of who’s being naughty or nice.

    National politics are different than local. So yes; we sent the dems packing in ’94 at the federal level & could probably do so again in ’14. The state level is a whole ‘nother ballgame though.

    1. I’ve not seen the 4 bills remaining. But while I may be wrong … I do think they care. Otherwise they would have just turned universities into K-12 style gun free zones. That’s what they’re base wanted, but that’s not what they gave them.

      We’ll see. But while they don’t like CCW, I still think they realize it’s a third rail to destroy it. With all that’s going on anti-gun wise I’ve not yet seen seriously presented bills to destroy shall-issue CCW anywhwere. (but of course I haven’t looked everywhere, just on the normal sites I read).

  16. AGAIN we hear this BS……
    “These high-capacity weapons have no place outside the fields of war,” said Rep. Rhonda Fields

    So, if that was true, why do cops carry M4’s Rhonda????
    Or are you admitting the cops are preparing for a war on the citizenry????

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