Would You Like Some MAIG on Your Wiener?

The Mayorship of New York has been the key MAIG Mayorship during the reign of King Bloomberg. But with his lordship’s term of office about to expire, who will it be to take the helm? Who will be the new, if perhaps symbolic leader of MAIG? Oh please, let it be him.


8 thoughts on “Would You Like Some MAIG on Your Wiener?”

  1. The question is, what would noodie boy bring to the fight? Certianly not money. I see nanny mike still running the show after he leaves office.

    1. That would be interesting, and would certainly highlight the habit wealthy anti-freedom people have of attempting to run things from the background.

      Because the name “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” implies that members must be mayors, that would seem to make Hizzoner Bloomberg ineligible, but the group would dry up without his funding. I suspect he’ll have the group’s bylaws changed (if he hasn’t already) to allow him – as a non-mayor – to retain control. It would be highly hypocritical, but not surprising in the least.

    2. Weiner has a LOT of fanatics supporting him. If you’ve been following the Bret Kimberlin saga, it all started when conservative bloggers started to dig a little on the Weiner story. That caused some of the lunatic supporters of Weiner to lose control.

      Apparently he says all the right things for the nutroot crowds.

      Imagine NYC ruled by a DailyKos diarist.

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