NYSRPA Beats a MAIG Mayor

I’m starting to think the best way to deal with Bloomberg’s illegal mayors is to play whack-a-mole with them. When they express ambitions for higher political office, we squash them like bugs. We’ve have a reasonable amount of success spoiling the political aspirations of MAIG mayors here in Pennsylvania, and it looks like Jacob is managing to play whack-a-mole with MAIG mayors successfully in New York as well. This would be the strategy of waiting for the enemy to come to you, rather than engage in a costly and tiresome campaign of search and destroy. If we can make MAIG membership poison for seeking higher office, especially Republicans looking to win primaries, it’s one way to weaken Bloomberg substantively. *

* A note for our anti-gun friends, who seem to freak out on Twitter when I blog in metaphor: I am not speaking of literally going to war with Bloomberg’s Mayors, nor am I litterally speaking of search and destroy missions. I don’t even have the choppers for that (though I do have some loudspeakers that could blare Walkürenritt). Also, I am not literally speaking of poisoning anyone, nor do I think Bloomberg’s Mayors are small, burrowing rodents with poor eyesight who need to be beaten over the head. I do not mean to insult moles, which are fine and honorable creatures, by suggesting that.

7 thoughts on “NYSRPA Beats a MAIG Mayor”

  1. Your forgot to mention that there are no racist code words in there either. But, by saying their aren’t any it would just prove that there are.

      1. So says the woman whose last name is “palette”, which is a means of organizing, dare I say “ranking”, colors in a heirarchy, inevitably from light (top) to dark (bottom).

        Those racist code words, they’re everywhere. ;)

        Imitating lefty progressives is easy, just picture a normal human being and take away the reason and accountability. =)

  2. The MAIG theme has spread fairly widely in the firearms community. Just need to expose these clowns to those on the fence.

  3. Woops, meant to say the notion that the MAIG group has a higher crime rate than CCW folks.

  4. “I do not mean to insult moles, which are fine and honorable creatures, by suggesting that.”

    And MAIG members are not.

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