Fight Shaping up in Minnesota

A House committee is scheduled to debate a gun bill tomorrow on background checks. The Senate in Minnesota is, meanwhile, reporting gun control out of committee. Now, as we well know by now, they might claim the issue is background checks, but that’s not the case at all. It’s really about changing the definition of transfer in an attempt to make gun ownership legally risky. Colorado’s bill is very similar to the federal bill. You can find the Senate bill here. I note this bill also redefines transfer to include temporary possession as well, and what’s even more pathetic is they failed to exempt spouses, and this time, you can’t leave home for even a day without affecting a transfer. It removes the exclusion for antique firearms. Also, it would seem you can’t even leave home for more than a day under this law without effectively affecting a transfer.

I currently live under a regime similar to the one Minnesota is proposing, and I don’t recommend it. First, it won’t work. They’ll be back for more gun control.

4 thoughts on “Fight Shaping up in Minnesota”

  1. More of Bloomberg’s incoherent legislation. Minnesotans, you need to object to your legislators being bought by Michael Bloomberg to tell you how to live.

  2. We still have a chance. The restrictive demo house bill has to pass through a republican headed comittee. Hillstrom has a counter bill to Paymers’ pos bill. Paymer has been whining about compromise. Of course, that means everyone has to bow to the progresso-facist pig. If Paymer gets killed in Hillstrom’s comittee, the senate demo bill dies too.

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