MAIG’s Real Strategy

Jacob thinks their real aim is bringing and end to private transfers of firearms. I would tend to agree, since it’s been MAIG’s top agenda item since the beginning. But don’t think MAIG will push for a clean bill. They’d be quite happy to support a private transfer ban along with a new assault weapons ban and a magazine ban. Bloomberg can get bent. Until I can legally carry in New York City, and New York has roughly the same gun laws as anywhere else, there is nothing to discuss.

7 thoughts on “MAIG’s Real Strategy”

  1. I’m cool with the line of “Shall not be questioned”. And until we eliminate most of the unlawful questions… well, they can all get bent.

    (AKA, not sure how murdering someone in a certain way is super special murder that gets Life+)

  2. Their real goal is to remove guns from everyone except the police and military.

    Their strategy is to crank the ratchet one regulation at a time.

    For our part, until they no longer have control of politics, media, and the culture, we need to thwart every single step they attempt.

    No give, no yield, no compromise. Anywhere.

    1. And registration is they key step that makes confiscation possible. The only way to enforce ‘universal background checks’ is registration. That’s why it’s their primary goal.

    2. Their real goal is to put us on the defensive so we don’t have as much political capital to push for carry in New York City and a preemption of their gun laws under the 14th Amendment. I view MAIG as an the physical manifestation of a coastal elite immune response when it comes to guns. I don’t think MAIG’s goal is prohibition so much as stopping or delaying our plans to lay waste to big city gun control.

      1. MAIG is a creation of a rich man with a fetish for absolute control. The joke may be that he banned high-capacity sodas, but he wants to put ALL of his personal policy preferences on the hoi polloi, because he’s successful, so that shows he’s better than…

  3. The real threat of banning private sales is that the Federal government then controls all gun sales since they have to go through a Federal Firearm Licensee. That is why this is a no deal. This is actually worse than a assault weapon ban.

    If the government controls all gun sales then they can restrict the FFL’s slowly at will.

  4. So offer them a real compromise

    When they shriek like vampires facing a cross you’ll see how little actual compromising they plan on doing.

    Also, don’t encourage your senators to water down the bill. MAIG would probably like a simple “Universal Background Check” bill. They might pass it. But they won’t be able to get DiFi’s mess out of the Senate. Let them get to the floor with the worst bill possible and then watch it burn.

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