Getting Into Their Culture – College Edition

The Northwestern Chronicle, a conservative/libertarian paper at Northwestern University, has started a gun blog. Their first post? Their argument for why the AR-15 is a great gun:

The question should be what can’t you do with it. Would you like to hunt? Get a nice scope and a 6.8 mm SPC conversion kit with some 5 round magazines. Just switch out the bolt assembly, barrel, and magazine and it fires a whole new bullet. Way cheaper than buying a different gun. How about target shooting? Put the .223 Remington parts back in, load up some 30 round magazines and ping steel targets to your heart’s content. Want to shoot in competitions? Buy some cool looking sights, lasers, or grips. Speed shoot in the 3-gun circuit. Don’t want to buy any fancy bells and whistles for the rifle? Shoot with iron sights in Service Rifle competitions.

6 thoughts on “Getting Into Their Culture – College Edition”

  1. If you can only have one gun… it’d be an AR-15.

    Wouldn’t the antis prefer we be limited to one gun?

    1. Those things seem to come and go. I donated to one at my alma mater for awhile after I graduated (40 years ago) but it petered out and disappeared. My guess is that it takes an activist kernel of students to set it in motion, but the concentration of interest graduates and there aren’t enough motivated people to keep it up.

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