Ram Pin!

Silhouette tonight went well.  Shot 10 rams in a row with Bitter’s CZ 452 Lux, which means another pin!  I’m getting my average into the low 30s now on scoped sights with my 10/22.  I’ve been shooting Bitter’s CZ in the open sights category, and have actually been doing better with that gun than I do with the Ruger.  My average with her CZ isn’t as high yet because I have to shoot one more match to get rid of the first one where I hadn’t zeroed the sights.  My scores have been consistently in the low 30s with Bitter’s CZ.  I love that rifle.  The open sights are very nice, and it just shoots beautifully.  I only hope that one day she will get a chance to enjoy it too!

The Ram pin will certainly get a place of honor on my shooting hat.  Pictures will be forthcoming.

5 thoughts on “Ram Pin!”

  1. Reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons in which Homer buys a bowling ball for Marge…

  2. How long before you get one for yourself?

    Personally I think the iron sights are so nice on the CZ I wouldn’t put an optic on one.

    Then again, I an Iron sight sort of guy….

  3. Why would I need to get one for myself? :) Actually, I have a pretty decent target .22 on order with the CMP… the Kimber Model 82 Government. That will be my open sight silhouette gun. Of course, then I might want to put a scope on Bitter’s rifle and keep using it :)

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