Friday Mini News Dump

I hate to do this two days in a row, but with a quarterly meeting today, and a busy day yesterday, my mind is elsewhere right now:

Great moments in police gun handling. Newsflash for the anti-gunners: police are drawn from the gun culture, generally, and to the extent that they aren’t, they benefit from it. Notice all these stories come out of New York? What doesn’t New York have? Oh yeah, a legal gun culture.

Dave Hardy, who is an attorney and gun law expert, has taken a look at the background check bill, S.374, and largely verified my conclusions from earlier. Second Amendment attorney beats snarky hill staffer who showed up in the comments tell me I was crazy and paranoid.

The Wicked Witch of the West’s assault weapons ban destined for legislative limbo? Let’s hope so, but keep communicating with lawmakers.

Anti-gun protesters apparently got a bit disruptive at NRA headquarters. “Today, the NRA has demonstrated that they don’t want to listen, that they don’t want to hear from families, and that they don’t want to have a productive conversation to make America’s families safer.” I think the problem is that we have vastly different ideas about how to accomplish that. You don’t make me or anyone else safer by disarming me.

We’ve beaten them back in Washington State. This is very welcome news. Great show for those in the Evergreen State. This blue state would have been a welcome prize for Obama and Bloomberg.

Newtown parents pushing Silicon Valley to make guns safer. I hate to tell these folks, but there’s no safe gun. Guns are inherently dangerous. The way to make guns safer is to make people safer. You know who’s been doing that for years? NRA. The reason we don’t have smart guns is because no one wants them. And why would you? Guns are a lot more reliable than any electronic gadget I’ve ever used, and they need to be.

Obama is continuing to have trouble in the polls. This is great news for the Second Amendment. The more unpopular he becomes, the less pull he’s going to have convincing wavering Democrats to take the plunge and vote for gun control.

Diane Feinstein’s gun policy a product of PTSD? Certainly seems that way.

A right deserves a single, uniform standard. I agree this is a core value. To Bloomberg and his ilk: It’s worth noting that Congress has Section 5 powers under the 14th Amendment to protect fundamental constitutional rights. It’s also worth noting that gun owners are mobilized for action like I’ve never seen them.  I’d lastly note that paybacks are hell. You started this fight. We will finish it. That’s a promise. A single uniform standard, and one I can promise you will not like.

6 thoughts on “Friday Mini News Dump”

  1. You don’t make me or anyone else safer by disarming me.

    Au contraire, it makes criminals and tyrants MUCH safer.

  2. If the guns that Connecticut shooter [redacted] took from his mother employed a “smartgun” technology that allowed only the owner to fire them, 20 children and six educators might still be alive today, valley investors say.

    Unless, being that he was her son and 20 years, she authorized him to be able to fire the gun, which you would think family members would do for other family members. Didn’t she take him to the range? Or do they want that to be illegal?

  3. If we win all the marbles, 20 years from now Liberals will be telling the story how they bravely fought for the right to keep and bear arms against the evil republicans who wanted to keep the poor and downtrodden disarmed.

  4. Guns are a lot more reliable than any electronic gadget I’ve ever used, and they need to be

    Must have something to do with guns being 500 year old technology.
    If the idiots would realize that someone can make a gun in their garage with some not so special tools, THAT would be cause for a PSH moment.

  5. “Diane Feinstein’s gun policy a product of PTSD?”

    I’ve always believed that. She needs a shrink to help her deal with her problems, not a public office. And when that shrink gets done with her, Joan Peterson needs to go see her. She’s another anti-gunner using public policy to self-medicate.

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