Tall Tales of High-Power Shooting?

Blackfork talks about people who believe high-power shooters tell talls tales.  The money quote:

A little caution on Highpower rifle shooters. They may be low-down lying dogs but they are armed and they can shoot your ass from 600 yards away with open sights, even in the wind.

In one of the sports I shoot, IHMSA, I know guys who could do it with a pistol, offhand, at 200 yards with iron sights under the same conditions.  Start going to matches, and you’ll meet a lot of people who are better shooters than you think you’ll ever be.

5 thoughts on “Tall Tales of High-Power Shooting?”

  1. Funny- I had a family member try to call “bullshit” when I was telling him of the feats of some of the guys I’ve seen shoot. We shoot 100 yard reduced matches, but some of these offhand groups are downright awe-inspiring.

    They keep trying to explain to me that it’s really just doing everything the exact same way, over and over again, and adjusting your sights so the spot you keep hitting happens to be in the X ring. I’m not getting much better, but at least I’m starting to understand the lesson.

  2. I take them at their word. I know there are a million people out there that shoot better than I do. Fortunately, none of them are going to break in to my house at 3:00 am.

  3. One of the blogs linking to this article had the comment to the effect of: There is a difference between “I can’t do it ” and “nobody can do it”.

  4. Yeh, it’s unpossible for sure. All the stories are made-up, they use a yard-stick that’s five-feet long, and the x-ring is the size of a garbage-can lid. ;-)

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