GBR Shooting Event

Coolest…. day at the range… ever!

A few things stand out. Firing USCitizen’s 50 caliber AR upper. It breech loads a screw in bolt. Once you screw your round into the breech, you bolt the lower on and go to town. I didn’t hit the target with it, but it was fun. Recoil not as bad as I anticipated.

Second thing was repeatingly hitting the steel plate out at 935 yards. Did this with Joe Huffman’s rifle while Joe was spotting for me. It’s a Remington 700 in 300 WinMag with a pretty bitching scope on it.

Third was winning the Kalashnikov challenge. Uncle bet me a beer that I couldn’t hit the 400 yard steel plate with the AK-74 using iron sights and a full magazine at a bench rest. I hit it 5 times, and came pretty close a few others. Joe Huffman was spotting for me. So much for Kalashnikovs not being accurate :)

Oldest rifle I ever shot was DirtCrasher’s Krag. Got to shoot a 1911 for the first time thanks to Melody Byrne letting me try Chris’ 1911.

I see USCitizen has pictures up already, and there’s some commentary by Uncle.

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