Vote Happening in Illinois

Urgent Alert on a magazine ban. It has the same “readily convertible” language that Colorado’s has, and no real grandfathering. You have to register the magazines, and sign a loyalty oath to the regime promising you’ll never transfer them. This effectively bans any magazine that uses a floor plate design, which is most of them.

9 thoughts on “Vote Happening in Illinois”

  1. “If this ban passes, you will have to go down to the police station and register your magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and you will have to sign an oath that you will never sell them to anyone else.”


    How about the legislators in Illinois sign an oath saying they will kiss our a$$es?

  2. My first trip will be to the federal courthouse to challenge the ban…..

  3. There’s basically a snowball’s chance in hell that this is NOT going to go through. With a democratic house, senate and governor, it’s basically a done deal.

    I’m not surprised by it and i hope that when 2014 comes around, people truly remember because if they don’t then we are done and the second amendment is out the door.

  4. It might not. The last attempt failed. This one may fail as well. And 10 is effective confiscation of all semi-auto handguns. It’ll never survive a federal court challenge. 15 might, since then normal, common handguns would still be legal. And that was Scalia’s test….

    1. There are 10-round magazines readily and commercially available for almost everything under the sun, thanks to the federal and various state AWBs modeled on the federal one. There’s a dearth of 15 round limited magazines for firearms whose normal capacity is larger than that, since the only market for 11-15-round magazines in NJ…

      1. My Beretta has a 15-round magazine. And they sell them on their website….

        1. I didn’t say they don’t exist, if I’d chosen a different Glock I could have one as well. Since most laws in the US that have limited magazine size have limited them to ten rounds (historically), larger sizes of limited magazines are rare. I’ve casually looked for a Glock 17 magazine with a 15-round capacity and haven’t found such a thing that wasn’t a “modified” item.

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