Battle in Connecticut

A bill has been introduced in the Constitution State to ban any magazine that holds more than ten rounds. There is no grandfathering. People in possession will have to turn them in for destruction or transfer them out of the state. This means if you have a firearm that doesn’t have a magazine available that holds 10 rounds or less it’ll become an expensive paperweight.

This is different from federal law in that it requires that the magazine be detachable, but there is not even a pretense of grandfathering. It does allow for a high capacity magazine to be “permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than ten rounds,” but there’s no language present as to what would fulfill that requirement. The penalty is a Class D felony, so they are treating possessing a box with a spring in it like you robbed a bank.

As always, police are exempt, because presumably they need to be able to murder a large number of people in a short amount of time, which is all we’re told these magazines are useful for.

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